3 Futuristic And Modern Ideas To Elevate Your Landed Home


3 Futuristic And Modern Ideas To Elevate Your Landed Home
Renovating your home can get a little overwhelming, especially when you have so much to do but are not sure where to start. Renovating your landed home comes with tons of added benefits, such as improved functionality, updated designs, and additional safety features. In this article, we have compiled three futuristic and modern interior designs that will help to elevate your landed home.

Boldly play with colors

Wall color is one of the key factors that affect the overall theme and vibe of your landed home. It is also the primary concern of your interior design. Hence, whether you have just bought a new landed home or are intending to renovate your existing landed home, the first thing you should consider is color.

There are a few ways you can go to achieve a futuristic and modern landed home. The first is using neutral color tones, such as grey, black, and white. An alternative to painting would be to have a neutral-colored wallpaper applied on the wall. 

Another way to go is to use bright colors, such as orange or yellow. Whether on your wall or furniture, bright colors help to create a bright atmosphere.

Focus on furniture 

When you are decorating your landed home, you need to remember that you have a lot of space to play with. Use sleek furniture to help enhance the look of your home, making it modern and majestic. Finn Avenue offers some of the best quality pieces of furniture that fit any room, from dining and kitchen to library and bedroom, such as modern rugsside tables, and dining tables. 

Furthermore, we offer luxurious furniture at an affordable price, ideal for staying within your set budget. 

Doors are vital in providing strong first impressions

When renovating landed homes, one mistake some homeowners make is to overlook the door. Whether you change the door completely or are repainting it, the main door is the first thing people see when they go to your house, and it provides the initial impression of what is to be expected of your landed home interior. It can also affect the home’s lighting. When selecting a door, you might want to go for a lighter tone and shade to optimize your home’s lighting.


These are just some design element ideas that you can follow if you intend to design your home in a futuristic and modern manner. Conclusively, you can always engage an interior design company to help you bring to reality your ideas, achieving a perfect renovation process. Furthermore, with their expertise, they can also suggest better ideas for your home.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for quality modern furniture to fill your home, Finn Avenue is the place to look at. From French and European furniture to Art Deco and Modern luxe & vintage furniture, we have got it all. No longer do you need to look at different furniture shops to source different themed products.

For more information on our furniture or to get ideas for your moodboard, do check out our ‘Shop our looks’ corner on our website at https://www.finnavenue.com/pages/shop-our-looks.

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