5 Things To Note When Selecting The Color Of Your Home

5 Things To Note When Selecting The Color Of Your Home

Color has the ability to transform a plain space into a striking one instantly. It can quickly transform a room into a lively and welcoming gathering space and another that is warm and cozy for snuggling under the blanket to watch a movie.

However, many face a common challenge in choosing the right palette to spruce up their house’s interior design – using colors and the right tone. We at Finn Avenue understand the challenge of choosing the right décor and color for your home, and as such, we have put together 5 key factors you need to know when selecting the color of your home.

Incorporate dark neutral colors

Many homeowners in Singapore like to play it safe and go for neutral colors, such as white or beige. The truth is there is an abundance of neutral colors you can play with. One common misconception many have regarding dark neutral tones is that the final result will end up with their home looking small, heavy, or gloomy.

However, dark neutral colors are able to add a tinge of “oomph” to the space. And one way of doing so is through layering. Introducing dark neutral colors for your furniture, such as chairs and side tables, are a good way of doing so.

Different colors for different functions 

Whether you are looking to make some small changes to your existing home design or bought a new property and are looking to make some major renovations, selecting the right color is equally important, especially when you plan to use different rooms for specific purposes.

Consider how different colors bring about a certain impact on the targeted space. Cooler colors bring about a calming and relaxing mood, while warm colors bring about vibrancy and confidence. Using different colors in the space is not limited to only wall paints but even your furniture as well. You may even choose to style mismatched dining chairs to give off a controlled yet vibrant vibe.

Test the colors before you decide

Choosing a color from over the internet or a swatch is a rookie mistake that you should avoid. This is because the light and scale present might affect the final appearance. You can utilize the swatches at the beginning to get a feel of the colors you like.

However, once you have selected your choice of color, first test out how it would look and feel by physically painting it on a testing board, or you may purchase a small can of colored paint and apply it directly to your home. This will give you a clearer feel of how it would turn out if it were applied to a larger sample.

Gain inspiration from other home décor or art sources

Magazines, interior design blogs, and social media sites are great sources of color inspiration. It may even help to create a mood board so as to ensure that your chosen color palette fits with the rest of your interior décor. You would not want to choose a green wall with a red modern rug or a vibrant colored wall with an equally vibrant-looking console table or vanity table set. It will just feel overwhelming or out of place.

Art can also make an ideal framework for color and decorating your room. It can guide you in the positioning of furniture to maximize the space. When chosen well, art has the ability to transform any space and even elevate the finished look.

Start with your floor color and work your way up

When compiling the overall color scheme for your home, one best method to help you start is to start at the bottom, which is your floors, and slowly work your way up. The type of material, as well as the colors used for your floorings, will determine the tones, textures, accents, and artwork for the remaining sections of your home. When it comes to the top, many overlook the ceiling and just leave it white. While there are no hard and fast rules to the color choice for ceilings, using colors other than the traditional white is able to draw attention to your space immediately.


At the end of the day, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing the right color for the interior of your home. Just have fun and let your personality seep into the design planning process. 

Here at Finn Avenue, while we do not offer paint choices, we, however, offer an extensive range of furniture styles that will leave you spoilt for choice. From French furniture to modern vintage furniture, each piece of furniture you find at our online and physical store will fit with any colored theme home. For more information on our services and products, you may visit us at https://www.finnavenue.com/ or contact us at +65 6753 3466.

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