Dream Décors That Girls Will Surely Love In Their Rooms

Dream Décors That Girls Will Surely Love In Their Rooms

Children are curious, adventurous, and creative at a young age. As parents, it is our responsibility to develop those traits by providing the best when it comes to their bedroom. Their bedroom is not just their personal space but also a space where their creativity and curiosity are stimulated.

It is every young daughter’s desire to have a bedroom that enables them to dream and imagine freely, making them feel like they are in a world of magic, fun, and beauty. As parents, it is crucial to note that a well-designed bedroom is more than just choosing the best décor or accessories. It is also more than just filling the space with as many cute plush toys. Key elements in adding character to the given space involve the arrangement of furniture, lighting, as well as overall convenience of space.

In this article, we will go through several bedroom ideas that girls will love in their rooms. 

1. Whimsical

There is no particular aesthetic direction to whimsical designs. The overall design theme evokes a certain sense of fantasy, light-heartedness, and amusement. This design theme really depends on the child’s fascination and interests. It is ideal for young girls who are into princesses and fairies, as well as animals, such as kittens, unicorns, and rabbits. Some of the common colors used are pink and purple.

2. Sweet Minimalist

Sweet minimalist is an ideal bedroom style for girls who do not have any particular liking yet. With minimalist designs, it will be easier, in the future, for you to make certain changes as she grows. A sweet minimalist theme consists of elements that are colorful, functional, and cute. A backdrop of pastel or neutral tone with wood elements in the foreground with minimal decorations is what makes a sweet minimalist design.

3. Vintage Chic

If your daughter’s personality is colorful, girly, cheerful, or cozy, vintage chic design is something you can consider. Similar to sweet minimalist, it is a design style that can be easily swapped around to fit her design choices as she grows. Vintage chic is highly versatile and can be overlayed or mixed with other design styles. Some key elements of such a design style are things like vintage lamps or an accent chair. 

4. Rainbows and Pastels 

Daughters, especially when they are young, love pretty things and are easily attracted to pastel hues, such as yellow, blue, and pink. Incorporating these colors into their bedroom designs, be it through the use of wallpapers, painting a rainbow on the wall, or color blocking, are some ways to use such a design style. It need not only be the wall. Pastel colors can also be introduced into the space using items and accessories, such as cushions and blankets.

5. Bohemian 

This design style can be characterized as unconventional. It is highly versatile, providing homeowners with an extensive range of décor options. Most bohemian-styled rooms are dominated by earthy tones, with elements of colorful, bold accents to guide the eyes. Elements that define the eclectic style are the well-balanced combination of patterns and colors, décor, and types of furniture – along with an asymmetrical layout. The design style is known to be easygoing and informal, allowing your daughter to decorate however they want.


These are some design ideas that girls, from as young as toddlers to as old as teenagers, will love. You will be fine as long as you choose from any of these given designs or ask her what she would prefer. Designing a bedroom need not be just the parents’ responsibility. It can be an exciting and fun process for both children and parents to experience together. At the end of the day, we as parents always want to encourage our children to be as creative as possible.

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