TV Console Decoration 101: How You Can Decorate Like A Pro

TV Console Decoration 101: How You Can Decorate Like A Pro

Television is among some of the must-haves in every home. With many brands coming out with slimmer and wider models, they have become a necessary element that is able to transform the space without being too distracting and bulky.

Whether you intend to place it in the living room, your entertainment room, or your bedroom, one thing in common among many homeowners is the challenge of creating a tasteful TV arrangement. Fortunately, with the right TV console, you can easily achieve a stylish and conducive set-up.

What is a TV console?

They are furniture pieces that are designed to support your TV set. Traditionally, they are made to hold TVs while providing storage spaces. There are a wide variety of TV console styles, from modern marble-topped to traditional wooden pieces.

How to choose the right TV console?

The ideal length of the TV console should be 1-2 inches wider than your TV so that there is an adequate balance of space. However, it is not a hard-and-fast rule. You can still go for a much larger TV console should your space permit. A larger TV console means that you have more space for decorations and can be the space’s focal point.

How to position the TV console?

The general position of a TV console should be directed across your viewing area, be it your bed or sofa. It should not be positioned near areas with high traffic so as to avoid potential accidents or viewing obstructions. Additionally, to optimise your viewing experience, you should position it away from any windows to avoid glare or reflections, as well as note the optimal distance between your viewing area and the TV. Do note that the bigger your TV, the further you have to sit from it in order to get the optimal viewing experience. 

How to decorate the TV console like a pro?

Here are some styling methods to decorate your TV console in order to maximise the space as well as boost the viewing experience.

1. Hide the clutter

The TV console, with its accessible and generous surface, can often be a space for clutter, which can be distracting and unsightly. Typically, TV consoles come with multiple shelvings and drawers for you to keep your remote controls, gaming consoles, and reading materials. Additionally, they can also aid in hiding messy cords. However, if the TV console you are targeting does not come with any drawers or shelving, then we recommend you get some uniformly designed storage baskets to store your loose items.

2. Display your collection of favourite items

As mentioned above, the TV console could be the focal point in the space. Hence, you can further elevate the focus by displaying a collection of your favourite items. From figurines to books and other related items, TV consoles offer the necessary space for you to do so.

3. Follow the minimalist approach

Large televisions combined with modern design spaces can be elevated further with a minimalist style TV console featuring a monochromatic or neutral colour scheme and simple design with interesting textures and patterns. You also would want to avoid filling up the TV console’s surface with as little decoration as possible. After all, it is called the minimalist approach for a reason.

4. Incorporate some greeneries

Adding some greeneries, such as potted plants and flowers at the extreme ends of the TV consoles, helps to add colour as well as introduce a seamless and fresh vibe to the space. It instantly refreshes the environment of your home and is a thoughtful element that you should really consider.

5. Match it with your coffee table

One way to design a well-balanced yet stunning space is to match the TV console to your coffee table. You do not have to have the TV console be an exact replica of your coffee table or vice versa. However, certain design elements, such as colour schemes, can be maintained between the two pieces of furniture to achieve a cohesive theme. However, in doing so, it is vital that you make sure the coffee table is not higher than the TV console, lest your view gets blocked.


When planning the decoration of your TV console, it is vital to select not only the best decoration to match it but also the ones that have been thoughtfully considered. Use an appropriate number of decorative elements so as to maintain sufficient breathing room between each of them to avoid overwhelming and cluttering the space. Lastly, choose items you personally like and not ones that people tell you will fit your home. After all, the house is your home.

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