Light Vs Dark Sofa: A Guide To Choosing The Right Tone

Light Vs Dark Sofa: A Guide To Choosing The Right Tone

The sofa is considered the most expressive piece of furniture that you will get for your home. Not only is it a stylish accessory that allows everybody in your home to gather together, but it also completes the overall theme, vibe and color of your home. To achieve your desired results, it is vital that you select the correct color and tone for your sofa.

One of the crucial dilemmas many sofa shoppers face is choosing between a light and dark one. The tone of your sofa is heavily dependent on your overall home theme, lifestyle, and other current furniture.

Here are some factors you might want to consider when choosing the tone of your sofa.

Accent vs focal point

Whether you are browsing through an online furniture shop or visiting a physical showroom, it is vital to determine what the sofa’s design role is in the space it is going to be in. Ideally, designing the space from scratch will allow you optimal versatility and flexibility when choosing a sofa. However, not everybody is choosing a sofa for a new house. Some of us might be getting a new one to replace an old one. Hence, you have to be sure if you want the sofa to stand out or blend in with the rest of the space.

Light vs dark

Many homeowners prefer to use a light-colored sofa, especially for family-orientated homes, to create a brighter atmosphere. For bachelors living alone, darker-colored sofas exude a certain depth and luxe to the living space. That does not mean that darker tones of sofas are not suitable for family homes. At the end of the day, it is up to you to design your personal sanctuary for yourself and whoever lives with you. 

Light-colored sofas

Lighter tones sofas are soft-looking, cozy pieces that can easily elevate any interior design. If you are going for a casual theme living space, then a bright, cheery sofa is suitable. If you love a minimalistic design, then a neutral-tone sofa with darker-tone modern rugs helps to bring out the design style. 

However, a light-colored sofa comes with several downsides. One of which is its susceptibility and vulnerability to stains and spills. Unlike its darker counterparts that can easily conceal stains and spills, expect heavy maintenance, especially if you have younger kids or pets at home.

Dark-colored sofas

Dark tones of sofas increase the dramatic effect of space, providing depth and luxe. If you are going for a more formal interior design, using a darker-tone sofa help to accentuate the focal point. Compared to their lighter counterpart, they are also better at concealing stains, spills, and scratches. Because of that, they are able to maintain their look and vibrancy longer. 

However, it is crucial to note that when using a dark-colored sofa, it can make your space appear smaller if not planned well. Hence, as with all dark-colored furniture and design themes, you can avoid such a downside by bringing in as much natural light as you can into the space. You can also consider mixing darker sofas with lighter accent pieces and decorations to balance out the color. Additionally, if dramatic and luxe is what you are going for, then getting a dark-colored velvet sofa certainly helps with creating a show-stopping look.

Complimenting your choice of sofa 

Whether you have decided on a lighter or darker-toned sofa for your home, it is highly recommended to compliment the sofa with accessories and decorations to complete the final look. To do so, you may follow this design guideline by filling 60% of the living space with a primary color of your choice, 30% with a secondary color, and 10% with decorations and accent pieces.


Color is vital in interior design. It dictates your home’s overall ambiance. Besides color, when purchasing a sofa, it is also vital to find one that not only has style but is also easy to match and maintain.

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