Make Your Space Extra Fancy & Stylish With Coffee Tables

Make Your Space Extra Fancy & Stylish With Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are practical in a living space. They are able to change the vibe of the living space by adding personality and character. When purchasing a coffee table for your home, it is often easy to select whichever catches your attention. However, with a bit of research and planning, you can get a coffee table that not only you will like but will also meet your family’s lifestyle and needs for a long time.

Choosing the ideal coffee table for your space

Here are a couple of ideas and guidelines you can follow to help you select the correct coffee table design for your space:

  • A beautiful yet durable surface finish
  • The correct size and shape for the living space
  • An adaptable design style that can blend in with any theme

The function of coffee tables

When looking out for coffee tables, it is crucial to account for their shape, size, style, and function, such as whether you intend to use them as a dining spot, a footrest, or perhaps a space to play games and entertain your guests. 

In addition, you might also want to consider if you need storage space to hold your books, newspapers, magazines, remote controls, or any décor.

How far should your coffee table be from the sofa?

Ideally, you will want at least 18 inches of space between the sofa and coffee table. This amount of space offers sufficient legroom to get around the table while still allowing you to reach forward to grab something off the table comfortably.

But then again, houses in Singapore are getting smaller. Hence, as long as the distance between is comfortable for you, anything goes.

What sized coffee tables should I get? 

The ideal length of a coffee table should be approximately 2/3 your sofa’s length. For example, if you own our 180cm, 3-seater Chesterfield Sofa, then ideally, you might want to look for a 120cm coffee table, such as our rectangular Atlas White Marble Coffee Table.

Make sure to select a coffee table size that fits the size of the space. For example, a space on the smaller side will benefit from having a small- to a medium-sized coffee table. However, if your living space is on the larger side, then getting a larger coffee table will allow you to accentuate the space.

What shaped coffee tables should I get? 

The most common and popular shape that most homeowners get when purchasing a coffee table is a rectangular shape. However, as space is a constraint for many in Singapore, the oval- or circular-shaped coffee table has been getting popular. It is also a great way to soften the feel of the space. At the end of the day, you will want to ensure that the shape and size of the coffee table enable comfortable seating around it.


When shopping for a coffee table, it is always recommended to consider the overall design theme of your living space. Only then are you able to eliminate any design options that might not be aligned with your space. Currently, some of the trending materials are marble, travertine, and wood.

If you are looking for quality, stylish coffee tables that are able to blend, if not accentuate, any themed living space, then look no further than Finn Avenue. From round to rectangular, our coffee tables are wonderfully handcrafted to fit your home. Why not pair it with our range of modern rugs and console tables, too, to complete your living room? 

You may visit us at or at our showroom unit, or contact us at +65 6753 3466 to find out more!

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