The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring for Your Marble Furniture


The beauty and elegance of marble are timeless. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that marble is a common material used in numerous elegant and classic pieces of furniture. Furniture pieces crafted from this material possess an aesthetic appeal that makes them a popular commodity for many homeowners.

Marble is a delicate material that requires proper maintenance if you want to preserve your furniture's integrity. As such, you will most likely want to know how to care of the marble furniture you have at home. Well, it is all about knowing what to do and what not to do. To help you preserve your marble furniture, let us share some of the do's and don'ts you need to follow when cleaning them.

Do clean your furniture every day with a warm cloth

One of the most crucial steps in maintaining the quality and beauty of your marble furniture is to clean them every day. This is especially paramount for those pieces of furniture that are always in use, such as coffee tables or console tables. Regular cleaning is necessary to avoid staining and discoloration. Fortunately, there are no complicated steps you need to follow when you are cleaning your marble furniture. Just grab a damp or warm cloth and wipe them carefully. We recommend cleaning your marble furniture daily to ensure they remain stain-free.

Don’t use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents

Marble is sensitive to acid. Acidic agents like vinegar and lemon juice can eat into the surface of your marble furniture, leaving them discolored and littered with rough spots. Therefore, you need to avoid using these cleaning agents and other harsh chemicals when cleaning your marble furniture. Instead, you should consider using a soap-less detergent or any non-abrasive, high-end cleaning agent. It is also paramount that you use

a soft cloth or sponge during the cleaning process to maintain the furniture’s pristine condition.

Do protect your furniture with marble sealers

Spills on your marble table can turn into permanent stains when they are not cleaned immediately. However, cleaning your frequently used pieces of marble furniture can be tiring in the long run. So if you wish to prevent frequent spillages from leaving permanent stains on your furniture surfaces, you should invest in high-quality sealers. Marble sealers create a protective seal that prevents water and other liquids from soaking into the material. They are essential to preserving the pristine condition of your precious marble furniture.

Don’t overload your furniture

Marble surfaces are delicate. Unlike laminated surfaces, they do not usually have a durable core material underneath them. Placing too much weight on a single spot can cause cracks to form on your marble furniture. Therefore, it is vital for you to avoid overloading them. Do not sit or stand on the surface of your marble furniture and only place light décors or accessories on your marble tables and countertops.


It may sound like maintaining your marble furniture requires a significant amount of work, especially since frequently used furniture pieces, such as the coffee or dining table, will require vigilance to ensure they maintain their pristine condition. However, for many homeowners, the beauty of marble is worth all the effort. After all, you would not want your elegant marble furniture to look dull and worn out due to neglect.

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