4 Reasons Why Coffee Tables Are Living Room Essentials


For most households, the living room is the first space that greets family members and guests alike upon entering. It is the room where most of the activities around the house take place, and its presence is vital for family bonding time and hosting guests.

Given the living room’s importance and the purposes it serves, it is only right for it to be furnished as completely as possible. Aside from the established furniture pieces, such as sofas and armchairs, there is another vital piece that is often overlooked by many: the coffee table. Let us share four reasons why a coffee table is an essential piece of your living room puzzle. 

1. It serves a number of purposes

A Coffee table serves multiple practical and aesthetic purposes, serving as additional storage space while being a decorative piece that brings the room together. Some tables lean more toward the former, offering extra drawers and compartment space, while others are better suited for the latter purpose with their visual appeal.

No matter what you want your coffee table to be used for, whether to hold snacks and drinks for your guests or showcase your design sensibilities, there is sure to be a coffee table out there that meets your needs.

2. It effectively conveys your style

The living room is one of the best places to convey your style and express yourself without restraint, and a coffee table is a vital piece to complete that puzzle. Moreover, there are a variety of designs you can choose from. Finding the ideal coffee table can add pizzazz to your desired look, wowing your guests with your unique home décor sensibilities.

Additionally, depending on the look and material used, the coffee table can also alter the appearance of your living space. For instance, if you want your living room to appear larger than it seems, glass coffee tables allow you to achieve such an illusion. However, if you want something more traditional, a classic wooden table can add a vintage feel to your living room.

3. It enhances your sofa’s style

Sofas and armchairs now come in various shapes and arrangements to cater to every Singaporean's preference. Therefore, it is vital for your coffee table to complement the sofa you have chosen to ensure your living room gives off a cohesive vibe.

In addition to ensuring there is sufficient legroom between your sofa and the coffee table, the aesthetic of both pieces of furniture has to match. As a rule of thumb, you should go with a rectangular coffee table to complement similarly shaped sofa sets. However, if you own an L-shaped sofa or utilize sectional seating styles, go with a square or round coffee table.

4. It is flexible to your needs

No two households are the same, and different families will have different needs. Young couples moving into their first home have more freedom in choosing their ideal coffee table. In contrast, families with children may have to consider the safety of their kids and go for round or soft-edged tables. Those who frequently host dinner parties for their friends and relatives may consider purchasing a rectangular or squared coffee table due to the extra space. Whatever your needs, you are guaranteed to find the ideal coffee table that suits all your needs.


A coffee table is just as essential as any other piece of furniture you may need in your living room. Therefore, it is crucial for you to take great care when choosing your ideal coffee table. The right one can provide visual balance to your living room while conveying your design sensibilities simultaneously.

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