Simple Edits To Make Your Home Ready For The Lunar New Year


It’s that time of the year again for spring cleaning! According to traditional beliefs, cleaning your home for Chinese New Year helps to “sweep away bad luck and usher in good fortune into your life”.

It is also a good practice to clear the clutter and get your home spick and span to celebrate the festivities ahead. But if you’re looking to do a simple update to your home beyond just your chores, here are a few brilliant ideas to help to transform the look of your home for a practical and stylish space.

1. Create a better flow

Can you walk around your living room without bumping into furniture? Having a good flow in a room can help to make it look more pleasant and welcoming. If you have a small living room, opt for rounded coffee tables – as the lack of sharp edges can ease movements better.

For cabinets with drawers or doors, leave enough opening space in front of them. They are also helpful for storing belongings and small knick-knacks for a clutter-free space. The fewer items visible, the better the flow!

2. Define the space

Open floor plans are all the rage these days due to the multifunctionality use and the spacious environment. But there can be a downside – large, open spaces can feel unstructured and give off less of an intimate and homey feeling. Focus on defining the space by using furniture and accessories in smart ways.

For instance, different rugs can be used to define two spaces, such as a dining and sitting area. To enhance the effect of grouping your furniture, you can keep your dining room almost in neutral shades, while the adjacent sitting area incorporates a strong presence of a bold colour. Visually divide your floor plan into distinct zones and make sure your furniture is strategically in one area without crossing over.

3. Get good lighting

Lighting is so important – it can make or break a room’s design and mood. With the right general, accent and task lighting, having a mix of all three can really make a room. Layers are important, so define your space with lighting that creates a focal point and gives pops of illumination.

Make use of your lighting fixtures in various sizes. For instance, a large dining room can include a chandelier to create a great focal point, while wall scones or side table lamps that look like pieces of art can decorate a smaller-scale room. Dimmers can also change a room’s atmosphere, allow more control over your lighting and balance with the natural light whenever you need to change the mood.

Final words

With our tips, now you have the idea and inspiration to make your space stylish with function. Be critical and creative when reimagining your space – and soon, you can give your home a refreshed look, ready to welcome guests and celebrate the Lunar New Year!

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