Best Tips To Remove Any Dead, Empty Corners In Your Home

Best Tips To Remove Any Dead, Empty Corners In Your Home

One of the many design dilemmas many homeowners have is when they cannot find the balance between filling up the space and leaving dead, empty corners. Most homeowners either occupy their homes with lots of decorations and furniture or either use the wrong-sized furniture and end up with an empty-looking home.

Whether it is the hallway, living room, or entryway, we always end up finding that one specific corner in our home that does not seem to have any purpose. This empty corner ends up being the target of random, cluttered furniture or decoration that just do not seem in place.

If you find that happening in your home, we have got the best tips to help you liven up those corners.

1. Add an accent chair

If you have an awkward corner in your home and do not know what to do with it, adding an accent chair is a quick way to elevate the space instantly. From Mint Velvet Swivel Armchair to Boucle Blush Pink Bonbon Accent Chair, we have got a wide variety of elegant accent chairs that you can lounge in. You might also want to create a reading corner by adding a small coffee table or a cabinet to store some of your favourite reads. Adding some greeneries or a modern rug to the mix can certainly help to add a different vibe to the overall look of the corner.

2. Create a relaxing space

Want a corner that you can laze about and relax in? One might ask why it is necessary to have a relaxing corner when there is a bedroom. At times, you might want to take a break for a short while but not want to go to the bedroom where you sleep in. A relaxing corner is an ideal space for a nice resting spot. Adding a daybed which functions both as a mini-bed and a sofais a great way to utilise such a corner. Alternatively, you can throw in any of our 2-seater sofas, such as our Fayette Chesterfield Velvet Sofa or our Custom-Upholstered Rever Curved Sofa.

3. Transform it into a display corner

One of the most efficient ways to elevate any dead, empty corners in your home is to decorate them. If you have a personal collection of some memorabilia or family photos that you want to showcase, then setting up a display corner is a great way to do so. Alternatively, you can increase your home storage space at the same time by using a sideboard cabinet like our Perla 2 Door Mother-of-Pearl Shell Cabinet Sideboard or Reves 4 Door Curved Cabinet Sideboard Cabinet.

4. Bring in nature with indoor plants

Inspire the awkward corner with some indoor plants. You can use a mix of hanging plants and tall potted plants to fill up the corners of your home. Not only do they help to keep your air clean, but they allow you and your guests to enjoy a fresh atmosphere. If you do not have green fingers, then getting some decorative flowers and blooms will give the same vibe without the cleaning of the air element. Not only will they not die, but they also look significantly realistic. Finn Avenue has, in fact, got a wide range of decorative flowers and blooms that will certainly add some colors to your home.

5. Highlight with a gallery wall or with an accent wall

To make the already awkward corner look less awkward, make it even more noticeable. Choose a bright accent color to spruce up the space. Do not be afraid of using bold colors to highlight the corner and make it look like it has a purpose. Alternatively, you may also make the corner look complete and alive by creating a gallery wall with framed pictures or artistic drawings, or even sculptures. One trick to that is to play with different-sized pieces and arrange them to your personal style.

However, when doing so, one thing to note is to ensure that their designs must be kept cohesive. Also, be careful not to clutter and overwhelm the space.


Awkward corners are not dead and empty when we do not perceive them to be. With the right planning and perspective, we can turn such corners into purposeful and lively ones. The possibilities are endless when pertaining to interior design. At the end of the day, it is all about incorporating elements that fit your lifestyle and personality.

From armchairs and vanity table sets to tv consoles and dining tables, we have an extensive range of affordable, luxury pieces that is able to elevate any awkward corners as well as living spaces in your home. Head down to or visit our showroom in Singapore to get your home décor today!

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