Behind The Design: The Yorkshire Leather Chesterfield Sofa



Look into our newest leather sofa and see what went on behind the scene to create and conceptualize this amazing piece of furniture that is part of the Finn Avenue family.

When did it begin?

Our Yorkshire Chesterfield Sofa(Pic 1) was the brought to life by our beloved customers! Requesting us to bring in something traditional yet versatile and modern at the same time.

You guys also really wanted to see our interpretation of a classic leather Chesterfield,and though we did have our Furst leather chesterfield sofa(Pic 2), we know we do not want to stop just there. So we took up our thinking hats and Voila! A new star is born!.

What makes it so unique?

Normally a chesterfield sofa back is at the same level as the armrest but we wanted to create something that has a higher level of comfort while still retaining that classic chesterfield silhouette


The Silhouette

What we did with the tufting is, creating a rolled back curve to create a heighten back! This will not only be more comfortable but it creates a very timeless and classic silhouette that a leather chesterfield is renown for.

Hardwood Frame

We pride ourselves to make sure all our chesterfields has the hardwood frame that is kiln-dry to have the best durability it possibly can!

The Leather: Top Grain Indian Buffalo Hides

Unique Pattern

As for the leather, we wanted something that is very distinct to show that masculine character that is totally different from our previous designs and material choice, so we choose Top Grain Indian Buffalo Hides. Buffalo Hides has a very unique pebble-like design compared to cowhide so it helps create that rustic chic look while still being very sophisticated.


As Durable as it can be!

Top grain buffalo hide is one of the strongest leathers made for upholstering! Its strength and elasticity helps lower the chances of ripping easily, not to mention it is match and cigarettes flame resistant to prevent it from melting or burning


To recognize top grain leather is to see and feel the grain and imperfections that come along with it. It has the least among of treatment done to retain its natural color and texture.


The Metal

We know about the mobility issues and their difficulties when moving these heavy pieces of furniture, hence we installed brass wheels to the front for easier shifting. Though others can opt for the standard wooden legs as well.

Not only that, the nail trimmings along the front is carefully hand-nailed in to have that metal accents that goes so well with this design to add more character to the overall look!

So now that you know a little more about how the Yorkshire came about, we hope this will assist you more in choosing the right sofa for your dream home! Keep a lookout on Finn Avenue's social media on how you can style your home together with the Yorkshire to create that magical Art Deco style. 


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