The Comeback Of The Roaring 20s


Make way for the roaring 20s! Bold Prints, statement patterns and decor are coming your way! From The Great Gatsby to the sleek jazz clubs of the flapper girls, Art deco influence is making a big impact in today's modern society just like it did in the past with its futuristic vision of the now.

With the end of the first World War I, the age of jazz, with its uplifting and energetic vibe has taken the world by storm! Mass productions of consumer products have taken over, and the average middle-class families were enjoying luxury items such as cars and radios (Yes those were a luxury in the past!). 


The peak of the roaring 20s gave us legends from so many different fields-from the signature Chanel woman suit by Coco Chanel to F. Scott Fitzgerald. Sounds familiar? He is the flapper king that is known for a little book called The Great Gatsby, which became the inspiration behind the same title movie. If you have watched the movies, you would have definitely been blown away by the stunning design from background to costume. What you were seeing was the infamous art deco style that was all the rave back then.

And guess what? It is making a comeback to people homes with its brilliance of bold metals and refined design today!


Art deco has transcended over the past few decades, many would think it is flamboyant or outdated but it has evolved into something that is timeless yet exudes a unique type of modernity. Luxurious with an emphasis on metals, the Art Deco style might have been started in the 20s but it has always been about the future. Having a rich history in its origins, it was the epitome of modernity with its influence from various movements and culture worldwide.

From the Bryant Park Hotel (Once The American Radiator Building ) to even our little island of Singapore (Parkview Square, Atlas) Art deco is everywhere! So be on a lookout for interesting designs and patterns u might never know of its art deco background (PS : This is right here at the heart of Singapore!)

Here are some examples of some brilliant art deco prints to give you some inspiration for this mater style. Do not be afraid of the strong and bold designs you see here. These prints might be loud but it would surely make your home stand out in style! Besides, there are always ways to tone down its flamboyant nature. Try coupling your space with a few decor and furnishing tips and you will be the swinging with delight! 


Aren’t they gorgeous? Stay tune right here at Finn Avenue to get more inspiration and interior looks to transform your house into art that you can live in!

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