10 ways to style your home: Art deco


Styling your home may be a daunting moment for first time home owners. But breaking it down to small decisions will help ease the task. Today we explore how to achieve the look of the roaring 20s with Art deco furnishing. A great style that is unique and explores your creativity.


Here are 10 quick steps to help create that art deco fantasy.

1.Choosing the right color palette.

From clothes to Home furnishing, choosing the right color palette helps keeps you focus on what to get to match your entire home aesthetic.  Be it a monochrome Black and white or deep jewel colors, the right palette will help make sure everything is Cohesive.

Art Deco Can range from deep colors to light and fresh with a pop of color for vibrancy. So Go ahead and see some art inspiration and let your imagination go wild!

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2.Walls Color and Patterns

Choosing the right wall color and pattern is an important step to getting that ultimate Art Deco look. Will your home have more darker hues or a lighter ambiance? Each has a different character to them, A darker tone creates a more cozy setting while a lighter color have a more fresh aspect to it.

Also Patterns choice will determine on your choice of furniture! Will it cover the entire room or just a feature wall at the side? This will help in your choice to choose furniture and decor that can compliment the design.

Art Deco Patterns ranges from geometric shapes to flamboyant abstracts. You can also tone it down with simple interpretations of the patterns to create a more cleaner look!

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Have you notice the one thing that is common throughout the different art deco pictures that u see so far? They all have accent metals in their color palette! Art Deco is always about looking toward the future and how the 1920s perceived the future to look like.

So metals was a huge trend that is still happening today! So choosing fabrics colors that goes well with metals or having some aspect of metal in their homes is a great way to  achieve the art deco look.
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Adding Bold prints to your rug is a great way to liven up your space.

Dramatic lines and gold shimmering effects on the prints help pull your metal ascents together to create a more cohesive look!

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5.Statement Lamps

Think big bold lamps as a sculptural art piece that adds characters to your home! Be it standing lamps or a table lamp, Art Deco style lamps always has a way to stand out and give light to your space!

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6.The Centerpiece

In any space there will always be a core furniture that pulls the room together.
Choosing the right fabric is a great start! We suggest our Yorkshire Leather Chesterfield to create that strong define space or the Fitzgerald Gold Tufted Sofa that has brighter metal accents and inviting velvet seats.

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7. Decor and Knick Knacks

Little pieces of decorative items help spruce up your home! From vases to trays, little things like a trinket dish helps transform your home into an entire artwork

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8. Pop Of Plants

Now that you got your metals and fabrics laid out and with a beautiful color palette for your walls and ambiance, it is time to bring your space to life,Literally! Thrown in some potted plants be it real or fake to have some “life” added into.
It serves as that pop of color for vibrancy, Giving contrast to a room be it dark tone or lighter hues. It also helps soften out the metal accents giving a more balanced and whole rounded look!

Art Deco love for palm tree is well known. And what is not to love! It gives length and has such a sleek design!
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9. Wall Art Extravaganza

If prints on your walls ain’t your thing and you want to keep your walls neutral , dress it with some wall art and pictures.

A great way to create the total package while being versatile to switch out when you want that little change
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10 .  The Overall Outlook

So now that u got everything planned out,take a deep breath and check out the entire design! Does it match ? Are there items you wish to switch around? Is the total look too much or too little?

Once you are happy with everything, you will have your stunning Art Deco home! It is all based on your creativity and imagination.

Hope this helps! Check out Finn Avenue for furniture that will spark your Art Deco imagination!

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