6 Things to Know about Marble Dining Tables in Singapore


Marble Dining Table Singapore

The dining table serves as a gathering spot for family and friends, but it also provides a focal point in the house. It needs to be well-crafted and durable, comfortably seat a good number of people and be in optimal size for most rooms. Another consideration that homeowners look at is the material of the furniture, and marble is a popular pick for most homes.

The natural beauty of marble has been revered for centuries, and it is a gorgeous element that can spruce up your space. The choice of marble dining tables can bring a splash of visual interest in your home design for a look that is both trendy and timeless. If you’re interested to shop for marble dining tables in Singapore, let’s explore more on what you should know about them before making the addition to your home.

1. Comes in an array of designs

 Each piece of marble is unique. It has a wide variety of hues and tones, with varying veining patterns and intensities. This offers an endless array of options for homeowners to choose from – so start by narrowing down based on your preferences. The most popular one features a light grey background with different shades of beige and silver deposits in its structure. For a hint of drama, there are also marbles with the occasional gold undertones set against a white background with thick grey veining. If white isn’t your thing, there is a marble type in light and dark brown shades, accompanied by stark white and grey irregular veining patterns.

No matter your choice of marble, you will certainly feel like you are getting something special when you buy marble furniture – each offering its own gorgeous intricacies that make your home look posh.

2. Creates an amazing ambience 

As a centerpiece in the dining room, the dining table is the key focus to creating a great ambience for everyone to feel at home. It is where people sit down and gather together to enjoy a meal and each other’s company among family and friends. Besides being functional, a show-stopping marble table is bound to impress your guests and become a conversation piece with them. As it offers to be a beautiful statement piece to a home, this can help to set the mood of the entire dining room and make everyone feel at ease. 

3. Brings elegance to your space 

Nothing can really compare to the beauty that marble offers. A marble dining table will complement just about any décor and make a statement in your home interior. They also come in a variety of design from contemporary and modern pieces to something more ornate and antique. At Finn Avenue, we carry a wide selection of marble furniture in Singapore including coffee tables, side tables, and dining tables so you can easily find a table to compliment your home beautifully. Depending on the marble slab and pattern, it can carry a warm or cool tone to enhance the palette of your space.

 4. Enhances your home décor

Marble dining tables also offer a touch of chicness to the space when you place a decorative item as a centerpiece. Try filling a porcelain vase with a bouquet of long-stemmed roses for a more formal look, or opt for a bold-coloured tropical blossom in a tall glass vase for a playful alternative. You can also use cloth, silk or paper flowers to provide an interesting twist on a classic design.

Aside from flowers, a glass bowl filled with fruits never fails to add a burst of colour. For a sleeker look, use a metal dish or black tray with a contrast scattering of white stones, rocks or shells. Candles can also add a mood lighting effect to your dining room – consider a row of tea lights down the center of the table.

5. Offers a timeless appeal

Marble has been used in the design of historic buildings since back in the days by Greeks and Romans. And thousands of years later, it still holds the same prestige without ever really going out of style. The timeless appeal of marble makes it a classic in style and fashion – so it is an addition to your home that you won’t need to change to keep up with the times. It continues to retain its ability to make any space look more aesthetically pleasing in your home. Contemporary marble can be made from natural stones or it can be processed synthetically to resemble marble.  At Finn Avenue we carry different designs, some in natural marble, and some others in synthetic, or faux marble, sometimes referred to as cultured marble. There is no correct or better choice between the two – it depends on what you see in each.  Natural marble tends to be expensive but it is porous and easier to leave stains; and it also has irregularities that you must love for its natural beauty. Cultured marble on the other hand looks almost perfect as if you had splurged on an expensive piece of furniture, easy to maintain, and carry beautiful patterns.  Both offer a timeless appeal.

6. Durable with proper care and maintenance 

For any dining table, hardness is an important factor to protect from daily activities that occur over its surface on a daily basis. The high calcium content in marble also means that the layer of protective sealant should be kept in good condition. Otherwise, it can risk reacting with acids that will leave behind an unattractive mark. Despite its density, marble can also be rather vulnerable to staining and scratching. Ensure it stays as pristine and new with proper care. 

Clean the marble with soft dry cloth to remove food crumbs and debris. If it’s dirty, wipe down the surface using a sponge or non-abrasive cloth with mild soap and water. Avoid using vinegar, bleach or any harsh cleaners as the acidic substances will eat into the marble and dull the stone. It is best to use a coaster for your drinks to prevent leaving a ring mark, and avoid placing anything sticky, cold or hot directly on the marble tabletop. It is recommended to maintain a fresh coat of sealant minimally once a year to help repel staining agents and keep your marble looking its best. With proper care and maintenance, your marble top can be enjoyed for many years to come.

With its beautiful veining patterns and array of colours, marble is a versatile element that is perfect for any room in the house. This natural stone never fails to look stylish in modern dining tables and it is certainly an addition that will elevate your entire dining room design. Shop for marble furniture at Finn Avenue online or in our showroom today!

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