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Christmas House Party


The trick to the perfect house party lies in adequate preparation. Of course, if you have some budget after all that Christmas gifts, it is always fabulous to have a new sofa or armchairs, or simply adding a new side table or a console table in the foyer which can be used elegantly for a buffet spread.  But it does not mean you have to cause a serious damage on your pocket - simply adorning your living and dining with beautiful home decor will create surprise for your guests. Read on as we break down the top essentials needed to a great party this Christmas and New Year. 


Candlelight Mood

Allegra-Gold Candlelight Holder


In order to deliver a memorable house party, first, the mood has to be set right. We love the use of warm light to foster coziness. Enhance the party mood with candlelight glow paired on intricate candle holders to kick start the perfect evening.


Etoiles LED Fairy Lights

A clever alternative is to decorate your vases or jars with LED fairy lights as an instant atmospheric booster. 


Try these out!

Allegra-Gold Candlelight Holder Alexi and Ashley Pedestal Hurricane Candle Holder, Silver  Etoiles LED Fairy Lights


Compact Push Trolley

The Plaza Cart Trolley, Rect, 2-Tier

Get the party rolling with these stylish handcrafted cart trolleys. These trolleys are perfect to house your favorite spirits and refreshments for swift transport across the room. 


Roosevelt Metal Shelf Cart Trolley, Round, 3-Tier

The compact design translates the ability to manoeuvre effortlessly through the crowd. If you need a second helping hand, detach the shelf and transform it to a multi-functional serving tray. 


Try these out!

The Plaza Cart Trolley, Rect, 2-Tier Roosevelt Metal Shelf Cart Trolley, Round, 3-Tier The Plaza Cart Trolley, Rect, 2-Tier


Serving Platters & Trays

Chanceux Pineapple Gold Tray

Make sure to impress your guests down to the slightest detail with your interior designer insights. Our decorative trays are a treat to the eyes and would step up to the plate in the holiday parties. 



Try these out!

Chanceux Pineapple Gold Tray Waldorf Marble Cheese Board Tray  Duchess Baroque Gold Mirror Tray



With the holidays here, we love house parties and the ability to spend some quality time with the nearest and dearest. Create wonderful memories with these quick additions for the festive.  If you are looking to change out your sofa, check out ideas in the blog "Is velvet sofa right for you?"

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