Styling Tips to Make the Best Use of Your Designer Rug


That beautiful rug under your feet always feels magical beyond belief, and it also brings life to your room. They help to pull the look of a space together, and make it feel more elegant and stylish. Your living space would be a lot less colourful without rugs – they are available in so many styles, sizes and materials that sometimes you can be spoilt for choice!

Designer rugs are worth the investment as they lend rich colours and luxurious textures to your space. They also come in subtle geometrics and bold patterns to spice up your living room. However, you can also make use of non-designer and budget-friendly rugs to utilise these tips on styling the room.

Measuring your space

Take measurements of the space where you wish to place your rug. If you are putting it under a sofa, ensure that it at least extends under the first set of the sofa legs. It should also be slightly longer than the couch if you prefer to place it in front of the sofa, so its beauty can still be seen and appreciated. By measuring your space and furniture, it takes the guesswork out of the process so your furniture and rug can visually co-exist together.

Dividing a space 

For a larger room, you can use a rug to delineate one space from the other. This can work in an open-plan interior, such as the space between the dining area and living room. Rugs can also help to visually distinguish a foyer space in a large hallway or a study area in a bedroom without needing a traditional room divider.

Rugs are beneficial in smaller spaces as well. Rooms that lack space and need to perform several functions can be more liveable and visually appealing. For instance, the guest bedroom which can double up as an office, or your kid’s room that needs a space for playtime. 

Layer it up with different rugs

Layering different rugs on top of each other has become a hot interior trend recently. It is a great way to add more texture to your space. The key is to choose colours and patterns that complement, yet are still different. Keep them in similar colour tones, and you can choose varying materials like wool, polyester, and olefin to add visual interest while staying cohesive through the colours.

Use different-sized rugs or rugs in different shapes to show off your flooring and enhance the beauty of the space. Avoid choosing two similarly sized rugs as they can end up dividing the room in half and make it look less appealing than intended. If you already have a carpet, you can also layer a rug on top and pick up a similar colour in the carpet weave so it can be paired together beautifully.

Remain cohesive in your interior

Picking rugs can be sensory overload as you may get drawn to endless different styles. Take time to consider the colour and pattern of your rugs to create a harmonious interior. Otherwise, rugs with contrasting colours and patterns may end up turning the room looking disorganised and garish. A simple way to do it is paying attention to your furniture, accent accessories or wall colour. As long as they are in a similar colour palette, you can use rugs to add depth and character to your space.

Get a rug that can tie in with existing shades in the room to complement the overall colour scheme. For example, a designer rug with cream, gold and grey tones can complement with a console table or side table with sleek gold-coloured legs. A good tip is to choose colours that work well with each other – they can be from the same colour family or a neutral hue that works with anything.

Play around with shapes

Rectangular rugs are highly common but they are not the only shape available. Consider your furniture and architecture of your space to decide a suitable shape. This can make everything look more organised and adds excitement to a room. A round rug can work perfectly with a round coffee table, or to delineate a play area in your child’s bedroom. If you have an open-plan space, a square and a rectangular rug may work better, instead of two rectangular rugs, for an interesting visual look.

Browse online or head to our showroom to check out our collection of designer rugs at Finn Avenue. You can expect a beautiful selection of rugs from designers like Julie Cohn, Angelo Surmelis and Candice Olsen, made from luxurious and quality materials. Available in an array of colours and designs, they can be paired with other furniture pieces to spruce up your living space. If you’re wishing for something still luxurious without the designer price tag, we also carry non-designer modern rugs that are popular and more affordable while retaining a luxurious-feel. Explore gorgeous geometric and abstract art rug designs that will add a touch of luxe in your living space.

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