How To Determine Which Home Design Style Best Suits You

How To Determine Which Home Design Style Best Suits You

Developing a décor style is a learning process. It takes time, but it is worth taking deliberate time to discover your design and decorating style before spending money on renovating and refurbishing your space.

Understanding how the design style and your personality goes hand-in-hand enables you to design and decorate your space with confidence, knowing what works, looks beautiful, and makes you feel comfortable. No more wasting money and time on items that end up feeling out of place once you bring them home!

When we mention selecting a design style, we do not mean limiting ourselves to a particular label, trend, or look. We meant discovering the things you enjoy so that you are not overwhelmed by the number of choices available.

We believe that our homes should reflect our lives. As with everything in life, your personal design style, at the end of the day, should be from you rather than following what the majority does.

How to determine the right design style

Discovering the best-suited design style and translating it into your home’s aesthetic can undoubtedly be a unique journey of self-discovery. Below are some of our top tips to enable you to find the best style to help you achieve a space that feels authentic, looks fantastic, and complements your lifestyle.

1. Take design cues from your closet

The first thing we recommend to help you select a design style is to look through your closet. Take a look at some of your favorite pieces and notice their patterns, materials, and colors. You will derive a better idea of the design style you will like based on the clothing you turn to time and time again.

2. Design a style vignette

You may derive design ideas from unexpected things and places. Often, there are little details that will resonate with you or feels interesting, such as an artwork you came across. Taking note of these little details as you walk around your space, going through your home, and gathering anything that captures your attention will help you create a vignette that helps you design a home to look and feel according to what you like.

3. Draw design inspiration 

Drawing inspiration from places you visit also helps you to gather design ideas. Places such as art galleries, local museums, cafes, or parks are great places to envision what your home could look like. Even places of travel or interior design magazines can be a source of inspiration.

4. Creating a moodboard to keep track of your design choices

As you draw inspiration from your surroundings, we recommend you create a moodboard to keep track of your design choices or styles that you like. Taking a photo or screenshots of space designs that you like helps you collate for a better idea of what will go into your final design element, giving you better clarity.

5. It is ok to experiment and change

Always remember that when it comes to designing your home, it is always about you. There is no right or wrong. You can look around and play around with design styles until you discover one that lands in the right place. Developing a unique-to-yourself aesthetic and learning to select a design style is never a straightforward process with distinct steps and outcomes. Your preferred design style will grow and evolve over time as you get inspired by new elements in life.

Play around with different furniture. You might be surprised how adding a modern rug in the living room can instantly change the whole atmosphere in the space, or adding a vanity table set in your bedroom adds modernity to your personal space. There is no fixed rule in designing your home. Changing things around helps to breathe new life into your home.

6. Be confident in expressing your décor style

Discovering a design style that suits your preference and lifestyle allows you also to discover more about yourself, opening the pathway to developing creativity and confidence in other aspects of your life. At the end of the day, your home is all about you. Choose a place that impresses you first, then others second, and not the other way around. 


Determining your very own home style and translating it into reality is a gradual process that arises from your natural flow of living. All in all, if there is one takeaway point that we hope you derive is always to choose décor and design elements that feel good to you, appear beautiful to you, and make you feel the way you want to feel. In short, take your time to search for things that make you happy and go with them. 

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