6 Impactful Ways That Will Help Elevate Your Decoration Game

6 Impactful Ways That Will Help Elevate Your Decoration Game

Charlotte Moss, an American author, and interior designer, once said, “An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author.” Everybody has a clear image of what their dream home entails – from location and layout to the style and scent of the house. Successfully purchasing and renovating your house is not the end of your “bringing your vision to life” journey. In fact, it has only just begun. With the fundamentals of your dream house completed, the next step to achieving your dream home is to furnish and decorate it.

Home décor plays a significant impact on our everyday lives. It not only has the capability to invigorate our five senses, but it also can impact our thoughts and emotions. Hence, if you have been or are on the hunt for some home décor inspiration, take this as a sign. Discover some of our top tricks and tips to level up your décor game!

1. Stick to a color theme

If you are confused as to where to start, deciding on a color theme is the way to begin. By having a color theme, you are able to set the tone for everything else, as well as guarantee coherence in your home. This is a crucial step, especially when you have different sections of the house with multiple purposes.

Once you have set a specific color theme, it will serve you as a guide during times of doubt. From choosing the types of tiles to furniture designs, sticking to a color theme ensures that you get a homogeneous style throughout.

2. Be bold with textures 

The trick to achieving a well-balanced look is to play with different layers of textures. It is honestly a straightforward concept: Contrast in textures = Well-balanced look. Think soft and hard as well as smooth and rough. A soft and cozy piece of cloth draped over a hard wooden bench or a hard and heavy piece of sofa sitting on top of a soft fuzzy modern rug

A well-thought mix of textures can result in the transformation of the space from a 2D plane to a multi-dimensional piece of design without putting in the extra effort.

3. Think triangles

When styling a piece of furniture, such as a bookshelf or coffee table, always make sure to have varying heights. One useful and surprisingly easy rule to follow when doing so is to ensure the items for several triangular shapes. For example, a short décor piece standing next to a taller one or books displayed in order of height from shortest to tallest (both vertically and horizontally).

These triangular visual styling helps to create proportions that are, without a doubt, pleasing to the eyes.

4. Use art pieces to fill your walls

Whether it is certain words of inspiration or a picture of your loved ones or favorite memories, adding colors to your wall with art pieces can bring your home décor far. There are a few ways to use art pieces to fill your walls. 

  • Symmetry vs. Asymmetry: You can either maintain equal size and space between all the pieces or mix and match and play with different-sized pieces.
  • Variety is key: Instead of keeping to just pictures, playing around with a different variety of art pieces can add a different vibe. Meaningful pictures, movie posters, motivational quotes – there is no limit to letting your creativity and personality run free. 
  • Hanging is not the only solution: Filling your walls does not only mean hanging décor pieces on the wall. There are other solutions, such as installing wall shelves and making use of flat surfaces, such as console tables, tabletops, floors, dressers, and countertops, among others. Besides pictures and movie posters, you can place décor pieces such as art sculptures.

5. Play with lighting

Light fixtures are part of the home décor. In fact, they are the main element of the various spaces in your home. Without them, your entire home will feel dull and dark. Hence, choosing the right kind of lighting as well as the right location can help not only illuminate the space but also help you achieve the atmosphere you desire. In addition, with lighting, whatever you have done in the previous tips, will be well-lighted, allowing your textures and colors to come into play. 

Therefore, lighting is the one element of your home décor that you should not skimp on or rush to complete. Take your time to find the right light that will best bring out your home décors.

6. Change your space according to the season

While Singapore does not experience the four seasons, that should not stop you from changing up your space accordingly. One simple trick to changing up your home décor without breaking the bank is to play it around according to various festivities and seasons. It is an enjoyable way of allowing us to have fresh home décor while enjoying the different seasons and festivities. With Christmas coming up in about four months, who is to say living in Singapore means we cannot decorate for the winter?


At the end of the day, if you have to take away one piece of interior design advice, it is to surround yourself only with furniture and décors that bring you irrepressible and pure joy. Like William Morris, a British textile designer and architectural conservationist, once said, “If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

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