5 Crucial Things To Do When Purchasing Furniture From Online


5 Crucial Things To Do When Purchasing Furniture From Online

Purchasing furniture from online stores offers many perks. It is straightforward, convenient, and efficient. It is not surprising that many homeowners have been doing it for the past couple of years. 

For many Singaporeans, heading down to a physical store can be rather hard, especially with busy schedules and having to take care of their children. Hence, online shopping offers a life-saving solution as they can scroll through online catalogues from the comfort of their home.

Such convenience certainly benefits homeowners who might be looking for small furnishing accessories to fill the space. However, when purchasing costly long-term investments, such as key furniture, you might want to hold back your horses. Getting the wrong wardrobe or sofa could mean having to live with your expensive mistakes for the next few years.

Fortunately, there are some common sense guidelines that you can follow to ensure that you are getting the best out of what you will be paying for. Here are five factors to look out for when you decide to purchase your furniture from an online furniture shop.

1. Read product reviews 

This tip is not only limited to purchasing furniture but also when buying costly goods online. Always ensure the legitimacy and reputation of the furniture shop by going through their reviews. A healthy amount of positive reviews indicate that the business can be trusted.  

Also, take note of reviews with attached images and comments, and those can help you see if the actual product meets your specific needs. Even bad reviews can be beneficial too! Bad reviews do not always indicate that the product is bad. It could also mean that it did not meet the homeowner’s expectations.

2. Buy only from reputable businesses

With tons of options available on the internet, it might be tempting to purchase furniture from businesses that sell at really low prices for the sake of saving costs. The thing about online shopping is that it might be more complicated to seek recourse when it comes to fraud or poor quality. Hence, you can also avoid such issues from happening by purchasing only from reputable businesses and sellers. That is why we advise that you read their reviews before clicking on the “add to cart” button.

3. Check their return policy 

While online shopping comes with extreme convenience, there are a couple of drawbacks as well. Shopping at a physical furniture shop comes with the capability to touch and feel the furniture up close before making the decision. Whereas purchasing the same furniture online means having to rely on images and reviews, which might not be the most reliable decision-making process. 

To ensure that you are well covered in the case of buying the wrong furniture, always check the online business’s return policy. If they do not clearly state their return policy, that furniture shop is a no-go. Otherwise, do not hesitate to reach out to that business to clarify any doubts. Additionally, if that online furniture shop makes it complicated to return items or charges exorbitant prices for returning items, it is also a no-go.

4. Compare products and prices

The best thing about online purchases is that you can look at similar furnishing pieces from different brands and stores and compare prices. Never ever purchase the first furniture you see. Always check other brands offering similar designs or check other furniture stores to see if they offer the exact furniture at a lower price. 

While it can be a time-consuming process, know that the end result is worth every effort, as you do not want to overspend your budget. 

5. Measure your available space with the furniture’s dimension 

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when purchasing furniture online is getting them at face value. The thing about online catalogues is that the product images are often shot to look attractive. Hence, to avoid getting inappropriately sized furniture, always look out for the furniture’s stated dimensions. Additionally, you need also to measure the available space you are working with. Do not rely on instinct or guesswork.


Purchasing new furniture is not the only solution to “getting” a new home. You may also reuse existing furniture to achieve a new look. However, should you decide to purchase new furniture, getting them online means gaining access to a bigger pool of furnishing options at your convenience, which might end up being a more fun and fulfilling process.

Nevertheless, our team at Finn Avenue is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream furnishing setup. With a wide range of affordable, luxury furniture such as velvet sofasside tablesnightstands, and vanity table sets, we guarantee that you can find the furniture you have been looking for. Also, we are in full compliance with the Consumer Protection Act, ensuring that we provide nothing but the best.

So, head over to https://www.finnavenue.com/ to check out our range of quality furniture and accessories today!

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