Why And How Rugs Should Have A Place In Your Abode


Rugs do not just function as an accessory to beautify your floors and abode; it also positively impacts the indoor air quality of your home. It cosies up any room, giving warmth and comfort to household members or guests who walk, sit, or lie on them. What is more, placing rugs on top of your carpet also protects it from spills, dirt, and traffic, improving your carpet's longevity.

These days, it is rare for homeowners to use carpets, preferring easy maintenance and a minimalist look for their homes. Purchasing rugs during furniture sales is the best solution if you plan for a quick spruce up of your home floorings but are on a tight budget.

With that said, aside from adding style and warmth, rugs provide several significant benefits which we may be mindless about. Keep reading to know more!

Increase safety

When your kid reaches the stage where they learn how to walk, it is common to worry about their safety should they fall on the floor while playing or practising their walking skills. Rugs act as the perfect landing cushion, protecting their delicate heads, knees and hands during this critical stage of their lives. In addition, rugs are the best choice for cushioning our footsteps as they increase friction, reduce slips and falls, and decrease the chance of injuries when falls occur.

Cover Floor Imperfections

If your floor has a small cracked tile enough not to cause a safety hazard, a quick solution would be to hide it using a rug. Hardly ever will your guests try and lift the carpet to see what is underneath it. Plus, a cracked tile is the perfect reason for you to get the rug you have been eyeing for a long time. 

Even an unsightly stain on your vinyl flooring can be a good reason to cover up that spot with a rug. While huge damages require you to inform your landlord for proper repair, mats can quickly fix minor and manageable flaws.

Enhance existing decorations

When thinking of the best way to improve their home decoration, it is common for homeowners to think of rugs instantly, making sense given that rugs come in any colour, design, material and shape. Hence, all you have to do is find the perfect one that matches your existing interior and decorations. Bright-coloured rugs create a bold statement, while a neutral carpet acts as the ideal complement to a room.

Brighten a dark room

Dark woods or laminate floors are a unique and beautiful theme for contemporary homes. However, these colours can drain the light from some spaces and cause the room to look closed-in, which is not ideal for small areas without windows. Light-coloured rugs can space the theme and give you a balanced mix of richness and airiness.


Rugs transform the look and mood of any room while also serving several practical benefits - from exuding warmth to protecting your flooring. Whether you are looking for a rug for your bedroom or a carpet for your coffee tables, with a wide range of designs or styles to choose from, with Finn Avenue, you will indeed find the perfect rug complementing your design whilst serving its purpose. 

At Finn Avenue, we offer classy and elegant rugs at affordable prices! If you are looking for the perfect rug addition to your home, visit our showroom or contact us for more information about our carpets and other products.

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