Pet-Friendly Design Tips and Tricks For Any Pet Owner’s Home


Our furry friends are more than just pets, they have become important members of our family. They provide a renewed sense of comfort and companionship that can only be defined simply as love without bounds.

Designing a pet-friendly home starts with finding the balance between your style requirements and your pet’s needs. From protective rugs to durable furniture, there are plenty of design ideas to try that will pet-proof your home while keeping the interior looking stylish. 

A dedicated storage space

Similar to kids, toys and accessories for your pets can pile up and cause an unappealing clutter. Baskets make a great option that can integrate with the rest of your décor. Otherwise, you can also consider a side table that you can place near the entryway to keep your dog’s leash, waste bags and frisbees anytime you’re ready to head out the door for a walk.

Fur-free, durable upholstery sofas

We love curling up on the sofa to watch TV or read a book, but our pets also love to join us and even take their naps there. Thus, it is worth considering that materials you are choosing for upholstered furniture items that can protect against claws and teeth as well as fur.

Common upholstery materials, such as velvet and silk, attract cat and dog hair easily, so it is recommended to avoid them where possible so you can maintain the aesthetic longevity of your sofa. Opt for evenly-textured fabrics with a tight weave which will be more durable, such as microfiber and canvas.

Alternatively, leather sofas are not only easy to wipe down but also durable. Depending on the quality of the leather, it can also age beautifully, and the inevitable scuffs and scratches will only contribute to its beauty.

Think about colour 

Often, dark fabrics are thought to be good at hiding dirt and spills. However, for certain stains, dark upholstery can end up highlighting them. With that said, you will want to steer clear from very light colours that may be easily dirtied with your pet’s paw prints. The gray colour, for instance, is great for keeping the room feeling light without easily attracting noticeable stains.

For rugs, you can opt for a multi-colour pattern that will help hide any strains that may be hard to remove. At the same time, this mix of colours adds life to your space. If you are more concerned about pet hair, try matching your rug or sofa colour to your pet’s fur colour to make the hair less visible. 

Match your furniture

A crucial part about creating a pet-friendly space is allowing your pet to have their own space, particularly a sleeping area. For a better aesthetic outcome, you want to give them a similar vibe to your décor as much as possible. Their bed should blend seamlessly with the furniture you have; it has purpose while enhancing your décor.


Creating a space for your pet can be a little challenging, especially to ensure that it will work with your personal taste and home décor. With these tips, hopefully you can learn how to design a pet-friendly space that makes everyone feel at home.

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