4 Buyer’s Tips To Help You Shop For The Right Coffee Table


A coffee table combines form and function, and its addition can completely change the feel of your living room. There are several considerations you need to take note when shopping for one.

For starters, it needs to be in the right scale and proportion to fit the space and work with all your existing furniture. You also have to consider whether it can meet the needs of your household – whether it has to be kid-friendly or provide enough storage for miscellaneous items.

Preferred material

Coffee tables are nowadays crafted in a variety of beautiful materials, from iron to glass and wood. When going shopping, you should have the right fit for you in mind, as this will significantly inform your purchasing power and budget. 

Three essential things that will help you settle on a preferred material are: your colour palette, your overall room aesthetic, and the utility of your coffee table. Glass tables are ideal for decoration but it may not work well for families with small children. If you have a small space, you may need to pick something that won’t visually clutter the room. Also, think about whether you can move the piece easily or you would rather have it anchor the space permanently.

Consider the shape

The size and length of the room and the existing furniture are significant determinants of your ideal coffee table. Here is where you consider whether your table should be complementary to your preexisting furniture or juxtapose them.

Circular tables are easy to navigate while rectangular coffee tables are the best for large rooms. Square-shaped coffee tables are reserved for unifying the spaced-out areas between seats in large rooms. But if you have a compact room, it is better to avoid square-shaped coffee tables as the amplify the tiny size appearance of your small room.

It also boils down to the length between your sofa and TV stand, so you can reach out for it comfortably and leave enough room to circulate around the space. Another tip is to consider creating contrast against the other shapes found in the room – this can be done by adding a more rounded or circular piece if everything else is rectangular. Incorporating a mix can help it feel more personal and curated.

Balance is key

Another handy rule to follow is making the space feel balanced when considering your sofa. Your coffee table should be the same height or a touch lower than your sofa. Plus, if your sofa has skinny legs, consider getting a table that has chunkier legs or a more solid bottom.

If your living room is neutral, your coffee table can serve as a pop of colour to create visual interest. Mirror coffee tables can make a space look formal and sophisticated yet chic.

Cater to your lifestyle 

Most importantly, consider your lifestyle needs when choosing the right coffee table for your house. If you need additional storage, consider a table with a drawer or two to store your excess belongings. If you entertain in your living room regularly, make sure it’s a comfortable and spacious table for everyone to gather around over drinks and board games.

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