3 Living Room Layouts To Inspire You For All Room Sizes


Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’re looking to revamp your living room décor, knowing how to decorate the space is a common dilemma. It is easier said than done. Setting your furniture and equipment in the right place usually requires some thinking, especially when you living in a small house with limited floor space. 

How should you arrange your room? What should you consider? For starters, you can commence the process by first identifying what you will use the space for. The living room is often the space where we watch TV and entertain guests, but sometimes they also double as playrooms for kids, home offices and dining rooms.

The ideal space should convey how you’ll spend time there, which provides a solid way for you to get started.

1. The open plan

In most open layouts, the dining area connects to the kitchen. You can create a separation between these areas using an L-shaped sectional to form a living area enclave. You can also combine a 3 seater leather sofa with a 2 seater sofa to form the L-shape seating arrangement.

Keep them sitting alongside the windows or wall, so it doesn’t restrict the pathway. Add the finishing touches with a coffee table and a side table next to the sofa. You can even add a floor lamp and a lounge chair for a cosy reading nook.

2. The conversationalist

This layout is appropriate for people who love to entertain. It is the ideal setup for two sets of sofa to be placed opposite each other so people can sit and face each other. The TV console can sit across the sofa so it doesn’t break the flow of the room and keeps everything symmetrical.

Because this space encourages people to gather and interact, make sure there are enough side tables for them to place their drink down or even dig into appetisers and light snacks.

3. The walk-through

This is the classic layout of a living room. It is usually arranged in such a way that the television is right in front of the seats, a perfect design for cosy evenings of watching movies or catching up on a favourite show.

Whether your space is more narrow or square, you can place two single seat armchairs on either side of the sofa or both on one side of the room. Add plenty of mood lighting to create a comfortable, warm space for relaxing and a couple of side tables that offer storage when you need it. For the ideal Netflix binge-watch, choose an extra-deep sofa for you to curl up and get cosy. 

Final thoughts

When it comes to arranging your room, there is plenty to consider and plan to execute well. No matter the size of your space, settling for a mix of sofas and experimenting with placement can create a polished layout that suits your needs.

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