4 Art Deco Furnishing Ideas That Will Bedazzle Your Home

4 Art Deco Furnishing Ideas That Will Bedazzle Your Home

With many new homeowners exploring what interior design they are going for their homes, Art Deco is coming back with a bang. That said, it has never really gone out of style; reaching the height of its popularity way back in the 1920s, this classic design style is well-suited for those with modern and universal taste. 

Art Deco as a style is characterized by rich colours, bold geometry, exuberant shapes, metallic tones, and luxurious details. It offers loads of visual drama while exuding an elegant and sophisticated effect. It often features touches of French, Egyptian, and Mediterranean cultures.  

Its hallmark of elegance and luxury is perfect for homes looking to play with bold colours and geometric lines or express their bold and creative personalities as homeowners. There are many ways to experiment with an Art Deco theme with the furniture and fixtures in your home. Here are four ideas to jumpstart you.

1. Go for vibrant colours

It is hard to miss the bold colouring of statement art, interior or pieces illustrating the Art Deco style even from far away. Art Deco is known for its vibrant, saturated tones and exciting and funky colour combinations. An example of this would be mixing emerald green, cobalt blue, royal purple and black in one palette. With such a mixture, it establishes a unique vibe and elegant atmosphere. 

Art Deco usually contrasts dark and bright colours for a distinctive look. It balances deep shades with metallic accents or neutral colours. An example of its application in furniture would be a monochrome-coloured sofa with a silver moulding or a gold base. The simple contrast of the cushion and the base results in a distinctive look that would otherwise look unremarkable and plain. Going Art Deco is one of the ways you can add a pop of colour to your home

2. Incorporate geometric patterns

Geometric shapes and patterns are common motifs in the Art Deco Style. Specific examples include zigzag patterns, trapezoidal shapes, triangular shapes, sweeping curves, stepped forms, animal prints, and many more. Materials like marble have attractive sweeping curves, and they can be fashioned into interesting Art Deco dining tables or side tables. Upholstery also plays a crucial role because of how easy it is to incorporate prints and patterns in fabrics— for immediate impact, laying down Art Deco carpets and rugs will instantly transform the vibe of a room. 

3. Invest in statement furniture pieces

Art Deco is all about that ‘pop’. It tends to be punchy, dynamic, and in-your-face. It achieves that by going for sheer size, no subtlety there. Art Deco furniture tends to be large, which leads to its characteristic of looking powerful and luxurious. So if you want to go all-out for an Art Deco look, do not shy away from big, statement pieces.

4. Showcase rich materials

Opulence is a hallmark of the Art Deco style. Art Deco does not hold back on luxury and richness. Make the ‘rich’ materials in your furniture as visible as possible, like polished marble, burl wood, gold accents, and the likes of it. Genuine Art Deco furniture pieces tend to be made of expensive and exotic materials, but you can feign the look with budget-friendly veneers. 


Art Deco is a home run for homeowners with a bold sense of design and creativity and are not afraid to go big. With just a few pointers, you can hint at an Art Deco design within your own home. You can choose to adapt it to be more modern, with contemporary materials and colour schemes. It is all down to your resourcefulness and creativity.

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