5 Makeover Ideas To Cosy Up Your Bedroom Workspace


5 Makeover Ideas To Cosy Up Your Bedroom Workspace

Following the pandemic, many companies have afforded their workforce the chance to set up at home. Besides being a government-mandated normal, working from home affords employees comfort and safety from the virus. Hence, it is no surprise that many workplaces are transitioning to a permanent work-from-home mode. If you are part of a remote team or a freelancer, you are certainly no stranger to working from home. On the other hand, if you have recently signed up for a job off-site, it is vital that you have your workspace set up accordingly. 

Most people tend to work from the comfort of their rooms. This arrangement might be complicated for some because of how cluttered or small their rooms may be. However, you can quickly remedy that with a simple bedroom makeover. Take some time to arrange your bedroom workspace to minimise stress and maximise floor space. Remodelling or rearranging your bedroom according to these five key points will benefit you in the long run. 

1. Choose a spacious area in your bedroom

Your bedroom is not just your sanctuary anymore, but it is also your office space. If your bedroom is not that spacious, edit your existing furniture and see what you can do without. You could also replace them with furnishings that double up as storage or is multi-purpose; this way, you can maximise every inch of your room while at the same time rearranging the existing furniture.

When choosing an area in your bedroom, remember that the farther away your workspace is from your bed, the better. Such an arrangement helps to distinguish between the resting space and workspace. 

2. Add some greens to the picture

Like potted plants and succulents, Greenery can give life to an otherwise drab space. Green is a relaxing colour, and while plants are primarily used for decoration, they are also good for your mental health. You would need this freshness when you are occupied in your room all day. A couple of them will keep you going throughout your workday. You could either hang them up on a wall with a macrame plant hanger or have a side table next to your desk to showcase them. 

3. Cosy up with a rug

Do not forget about the floor when rearranging your space. Cushion your foot with a soft rug. Rugs are a great way to liven up any room you are in; a fluffy one instantly makes your space more inviting. Plus, for those using ergonomic tables to work, standing on a hard cold floor can cause your feet to be sore and stiff. You can also use rugs to divide your space — one in between your workstation and the bed.

4. Tidy up cables

With time, your computer and internet cables will start to accumulate in your space. Consider purchasing cable management products like wire organisers, or go for wireless peripherals for your desk altogether for that clean and tidy look.

5. Add lighting and a translucent curtain

It is a known fact that when you are in front of your computer for most of the day, your eyes will get exhausted and strained. Give your eyes a much-needed rest by playing with lighting. Install a lamp with a soft glow in your area. You could also install a translucent curtain on the windows to limit the harsh sunlight streaming through. Balance the lighting between the two sources according to what works best for you.


Incorporating these changes in your bedroom will indeed have you ready to seize the day while working from home. Do not be afraid to give your room a complete overhaul with new furniture. 

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