A Sofa - A Big or Small Part Of Your Life?


Sofa matters.

Think about the number of hours an average individual spends on those one or two comfortable and/or attractive chairs or sofas. Many of us especially the little ones at home would log into the thousands, I should think. A quality sofa could be the venue for lazy weekend afternoon naps, titillating conversations, special affectionate exchanges, fascinating or epiphanic television series watching, and, of course, edifying and entertaining words read on an ipad or good old book. For these events, who would not want a well-made seat made with high quality materials by craftsmen and artisans who actually care about the product they sell? Here are some important elements in re-evaluating the worth of your very own personal sofa.


Sofa Trends versus Your Own

After a hard day of work, people just want to go home, curl up on the sofa and be comfortable. Everyone is trying to separate work and home more and more, so the sofa of choice that hits your spot is of utmost importance.

Home designers counted on furniture trends to run in cycles of five to ten years, and some decorating fads much shorter. If the trend has been going on for about a few years, it would take perhaps just a few more before it starts changing. You don’t want to be stuck with ‘out-of-date’ furniture that you just bought a couple of years ago, would you?

Before you decide on getting on a trend, think about what speaks ‘You’. What you like and what you would like to go home to everyday. Think comfort in terms of how you ‘sink into’ the sofa. Think longer term – it is troublesome to have to change it every two years, unless re-decorating is a hobby. Think seven to ten years, maybe more.

What would you pay for a sofa that you would be absolutely using for a long while?


'The Sofa and Its Family Members' 

Yes, you read it right. Its not ‘The family and its sofa’. It is the other way around. If you have little ones and other members at home, may it be little children, furry pets, parents and guests, they use your sofa even though you are not there to enjoy it. They nap on it. They watch TV on it. They probably jump on it while you are not there – yes, the sofa got to be sturdy. In short, think about their usage. Think about the hours of comfort the sofa can bring to them. Think solid, durable, reliable piece of furniture regardless how long you intend to keep it. This is because when your loved ones use it, you got to be able to trust the sofa that it will hold.

How worthy is a good sofa?


Lifestyle Investment

Whether you are a fanatic TV watcher or one who spend hours reading on a sofa on a weekend afternoon, you have to love your sofa. It determines your level of comfort, pleasure, and whether you have a backache afterwards.

Perhaps you are a sophisticated host to many house parties. Perhaps then your guests will judge how much your sofa is worth to you. Perhaps the sofa will bring about great conversations and laughter in the realm of its comfort. A good quality sofa shows, just as a bad one invites a frown. Either way, you would have spent hours depending on your sofa.

Whatever your lifestyle, you have to love your sofa. It has got to be a good piece of furniture that you can absolutely rely on for its wide range of purposes.

How much value do you put on that?


Designer Dream Room versus a Put-together Room

Squarely Grid Sectional Sofa with Oriental accent cushions

You care about the design of your dream home, or even a rental apartment, but you have a limited budget. "Many people come in and they just don't know what they want to do. They bring in magazine pictures and items they saw on Pinterest, but they just don't know how to pull it all together to achieve their dream of creating an interesting room," said Anne Hildreth, a designer in the Vernon Hills Steinhafels Furniture store.

When furnishing an entire house, you should probably start with an end in mind to avoid making the above mistake. Choose the style you like, and start visualizing with the room you use the most -- the family room. Proceed from there to start with the sofa, which is the largest piece of furniture in the room, and gradually develop a cohesive look from there.

There are many references that gathers designer-selected furniture, and furnishings under one roof. Interior decorating magazines like good old Home & Décor, online décor magazine like Houzz, and even online furniture malls like Finn Avenue show you how you can pull it all together to achieve your dream room. This method really help makes sense of it all.

A well-designed sofa can totally turn a room around. Sofa being the centrepiece in a living room where everyone crowds around it, could make or break the entire décor.

How important is the sofa to the entire look of your dream decor?


Knightsbridge-3-seater-plus sofa in black with Candic Olsen designer cushions - Finn Avenue: Luxury for a Steal

The adage is mostly true: You get what you pay for

Now, certainly the decision to spend more would have to do with lifestyle. One who moves often or who doesn’t spend much time at home may not be as concerned as a nester, or as a person who is dug in and plans to stay put for a while. If one is not affluent, but cares about quality and aesthetics nevertheless, this may be a challenge. The adage is mostly true: You get what you pay for. In this case though, at least seek out the very best sofa for the money you can afford once you realize importance of The Sofa.


Test Drive your Sofa

One idea in purchasing the right sofa would be to take your possible purchase on a “test drive.” Visit each furniture gallery and showroom. Don’t just sit on it for one minute and decide; spend at least ten or fifteen minutes on it. Ask what the frame is made of, whether it uses individual pocketed springs on seat, and what the cushions are stuffed with. Try to bend the arms of the sofa lightly, and if they bend easily, this is probably a sign of weak construction.


Big or Small - You Decide

Oddly enough, the world’s most expensive sofa, worth $300,000, is on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and it is made entirely of stainless steel. However, if you want that sturdy, romantic, comfortable yet interesting masterpiece to enhance your life, you have many luxury choices that would truly suffice, and they are not made of steel!


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