Optimizing small space with a loft bed


Care for a cozy loft bed for your children?

Loft bed in small apartments - so cozy you might find your puppies crowding it

City apartments are getting smaller, whether you are in London, New York, Hong Kong or Singapore.  Loft beds may be a way to optimize your living space provided you are well within planning permissions, of course.  Only one adorable dog is allowed at any particular moment, with human supervision.

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At our recent event held jointly with SP Setia, a leading real estate developer in South East Asia, at their Eco-Sanctuary project in Singapore, we shared with owners of the apartments tip on how they can optimize their living space using simple interior design tools. 


Among the best ways to achieve a larger eye perception is the use of mirrored furniture - you are not adding any unnecessary clutter to your living room - e.g. you need a coffee table, instead of using a teak or mahogany coffee table, try a solid wood mirrored coffee table.

Modern Parisian Coffee Table: Finn Avenue Luxury for a Steal

In a small living room, likelihood is that you do not have a lot of storage space.  It is crucial to have storage built-in for your magazines and remotes so that your living room is clutter free.

There are some who would go for a living room complete with mirror walls.  Whilst this may be an option, we tend to feel it makes it too much like a dance studio and may in some cases be counter-productive.  In addition to a mirrored coffee table, you may also decide on placing a mirror or two leaning against a wall; this will subtly add to the dimensions of an otherwise oblong living room.

Geometric Paradox Handcarved Mirror - Finn Avenue Home: Luxury for a Steal

Last but not least, if you wish to enjoy a cozy afternoon like puppies, you need a loft bed.  Just in case any one is mistaken, we are not referring to a bunk bed.  In order to call it a loft bed, it has to fulfill two criteria: firstly, it has semblance of an attic when you are up on it, and secondly, it is aesthetically part of the room.

Design of a loft bed is of utmost importance.  If it is created purely with functionality in mind, it will look more like just a bed and lose its attractiveness as a loft bed.  Consider various factors that will beutify your room e.g. where natural sun light is coming in from, where your bedroom door is, how high your ceiling is, whether you need study area beneath the loft bed, and if there is sufficient storage space in the bed room etc.  Resist anyone telling you what you need is a cookie-cutter loft bed, because that will most likely make it look like a bunk bed!  If there is anything in the entire apartment that you will want customization, we think it is a loft bed.

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