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Updated on 28 December 2020

White and Gold is a refreshing combination to create a clean and bright interior look! Up on the blog today, we have got tips, for every room, to help you can bring out the charm and glamour effortlessly!

Living room

Like many things, the foundation is key to success, and your sofa will set that for your living room! Start with a white or cream sofa and fluff things up with plushy cushions to make it all comfortable to plop in to. 

Pair that lounging haven with side tables that aims to serve in style alongside ambient lamps for that touch of soft glow when evening comes. 

Complete it all with a simple wall art to display your tasteful style, and a fluffy rug to pamper your feet just cause you deserve it!

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Next to bring this elegant and opulent look is the bedroom of course! Imagine waking up to a fresh and luxurious space with a divine touch of coziness. An amazing way to start every day for sure!

Go easy with a vibrant gold wall art to create a stunning space focal point and pop in mix of dreamy, cuddly cushions. 

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Dining room

If the dining room is your element space, make the best conversation starter with a large artistic wall mirror. Not only does it add a dynamic display piece, it helps to create the illusion of a larger, grander space with a touch of glimmer in the midst of white & ivory furniture. 

A clever way to add in a little more sparkle when your loved ones are over, try candleholders, diningware and serveware that has gold accents on them!

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And there you have it, the classic white and gold look for that one of a kind home that you would always be looking forward to be in!

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