5 Tips to Style your Coffee Table : White and Gold


A beautifully styled coffee table can bring as much character to the house as a sofa would. Today we are gonna explore clever tips that will get your coffee table the attention it deserves in no time!

1.Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a very simple step which involves objects looking better in groups of 3. It is used in plenty of other professions such as photography and film and it helps create a cohesive look!

"Just three items?"
The rules of three do not imply that u have to only put 3 items on the table top! Instead gather 3 memorabilia together to create “1” group to be placed on the coffee table.

Table Options!


2. Mix and match your group of items

Do not crowd your colors together into one spot! 

Imagine your coffee table is a giant tray and switch around your group of items to create a unique mix and match look that still looks cohesive in the bigger picture.

Try these out!


3. The highs and the lows

Having different heights helps create depth on your tabletop! Stack up your books and magazines, add some sculptures and a low dish tray to create that cascading effect.

TIP: place your magazines horizontally and add a little decor on the top to increase the height and bridge the vertical objects together!


4. A 360 work of art

Remember when working with a coffee table, it is usually placed in the middle so people can view it from all angles, so putting things like photo frames might not be the best idea as it has a black backing and it is much better suited for a console table. But objects like a vase or a bowl is finished all around so there won’t be a “bad angle”

Try these out! 



A tray is a great way to collate little knick-knacks into a collection. It also helps neaten the space and not make it over clutter. A tray can be a center piece with intricate designs or a simple sleek tray to complement the entire look.

Try these out!


And Voila ! these simple steps are a great way to start your styling journey


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