Behind The Design: The Rever Collection


Dive right into the latest collection to the Finn Avenue family and see what went on behind the scene to create and conceptualize these 1950’s inspired furniture.

When did it begin?

We wanted to bring in a collection that resonates the old Hollywood glamour age, It was the glory days of the 1950's where Mid-century modern style was the focal point of looking to the future. We were putting our thinking hats on to create a collection that the aristocrats and high-life celebrities like Marilyn Monroe would have enjoyed having in their home!

What makes it so unique?

In the era where new technologies were introduced,nature and organic shapes were used to creating streamline furniture with that futuristic touch.  Its stainless steel gold toe-kick base creates that contrast and metal effect for that luxury trait. 

Smooth and Curved

Curvaceous and dreamy, the collections features no sharp edges and has an such an open silhouette to it that does not make make you feel constricted. An Inviting sofa for your to just relax on and feel like an aristocrat.



Luxurious Materials

When we piece together the materials, we here at Finn Avenue has thought carefully on the design to the materials used. Making sure each aspect works together in harmony to create that iconic look that is not only beautiful to the eyes but to the touch as well. 

We use Individual pocketed springs to allow maximum conformity to body contours making it fitting for anyone!


Frame : Hardwood
We pride ourselves that the collection has hardwood frame that is kiln-dry to have the best durability it possibly can!

Upholstery : Smooth velvet

soft and luxurious, velvet's is such great material with its fuzzy pile with a sheen that is fit for royals!

Base : Stainless steel  gold toe-kick base

Don't you just hate it when you stump your toe at the corner of the sofa? Well we have taken that into consideration and created a toe kick base for the Rever Collection! It gives a little space for comfort and to create that curved look.




Well now that you know more about our beautiful 1950's iconic style Rever collection. You can come see it for yourself at :

#04-18, Lift Lobby 3, Apex@Henderson, 201 Henderson Road, Singapore, 159545

Hope to see ya soon!


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