Mismatched Aesthetics: How To Do An Eclectic Interior


A good interior design is often associated with a space with a uniform colour scheme and well-coordinated furniture and flooring – the standard that most homeowners choose to go with. But if you want something more unique and out of the ordinary, mismatched aesthetics is probably worth your attention.

Often referred to as an eclectic design, this approach contrasts the standard that most people know about – instead of coordinated colour schemes, you get bursts of random colours, some of which have patterns and textures on them, and much more. Choices of furniture are also not limited to a single style because to mismatch it, you have to throw in both vintage and modern furniture styles. But the challenge of trying to pull it off is drawing the line between beautiful chaos and a hectic mess. 

If you want to do an eclectic interior the right way, here are some things that you should look out for.

Repeat, reuse and recycle multiple styles

Because eclectic design relies on mismatching, it can be easy to use a single type of colour paint and a fraction of another colour, only to throw them away once used. While the point of an eclectic design is to use multiple styles, not observing a particular pattern can easily make a place look messy and uncoordinated. For continuity of the theme across your home, reuse your choice of paint or textile at least two or three times in varying locations of your home so, whilst still maintaining an organization of disparate styles.

Keep a negative space

Even if you are doing an eclectic design, not every area within your home needs to have something. Considering this, plan for a negative space within your home - such as having a wall free from decorations or furniture against it. This ensures that you still have an area where your eyes can rest despite the juxtaposing colours and designs. What is more, the negative space allows your guest and relatives to better appreciate the decor and furnishings within your home. 

Keep your furniture options open

The main characteristic of an eclectic design is variety, variety in colour schemes, patterns, textiles, decor, and even furniture. If you want to pull off an eclectic design, make sure that you choose either vintage or modern furniture and stylish ones that best match the aesthetics you are working with, whether coffee tables or a 2-seater sofa. The furniture's dimensions and the amount of space you have are critical, too; you do not want to end up with furniture that your room cannot accommodate. 

Find the right balance

An eclectic home done right is one that maintains a cohesive look despite the contrasting designs, colours, and textiles. To ensure that your eclectic home still feels organized, always keep in mind that doing an eclectic interior does not mean you cannot go wrong with it. Use multiple colours but limit the number of contrasts in a room to stay cohesive.

Ultimately, the harmony of your eclectic home is dependent on how and what you style it with. If you are looking for a catalogue of furniture and home decor in a variety of styles, have a look at our online furniture sale at Finn Avenue. Our wide selection of stylish home adornments and fittings will surely elevate the aesthetics of your abode and make it a home worth living in.

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