How to Pick a Color Scheme for Your Home This Hari Raya

How to Pick a Color Scheme for Your Home This Hari Raya

Anyone who’s ever decorated a house for a festive season knows it can be a challenging process. While you want your home to look beautiful and inviting, there is also a need to consider aspects such as décor, mood, and consistency.

It’s essential to know the right colors for your home if you want your space to look festive and harmonious. What’s more, you’ll have to contend that different colors can have different psychological effects on people. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing a suitable color scheme for your home, this Hari Raya.

1. Make sure the colors in your scheme match

Choosing a color scheme for your home is an essential first step, but it’s not enough. You also have to ensure that the colors you choose are within a given color wheel.

We’re lucky to live in a time where there are many options out there, but you shouldn’t let that overwhelm you. The main thing you want to keep in mind here is that certain colors go well with others. While they may be great on their own, some colors can clash with others if you have them too close together.

2. Be careful of the “versal” color

With every home, there is a “versal” color. In other words, it is a color that’s close to the one you picked. If you have a brown couch, it’s safe to say that your home’s “versal” color will be brown.

However, you shouldn’t pick a bold “versal” color. These are colors that are somewhat toned down. They’re still bold, but they’re not as intense as your primary color. Don’t pick teal as your primary color if you have a blue couch. This is because blue is a very “versal” color and is, therefore, a bad pick for a primary color.

3. Don’t skimp on color

Some people worry that their house will look bland if they don’t use many colors. However, you may use too many colors and end up with a crowded space. It may seem like a good idea initially, but you’ll eventually get confused. Plus, if you spend too much time focusing on each color, you may miss out on other vital aspects of décor.

Instead of skimping on them, keep in mind that a little goes a long way. A single color can significantly impact the mood of your space, so don’t be afraid to use one as your theme. For example, if you have a plant in your home, a colorful plant is a great way to make your space look festive.

4. Match your dominant color with a secondary accent

It can be a challenge to pick one for your primary color with so many options. When selecting a secondary accent color, ensure that it compliments your dominant color. The easiest way to do this is to choose a color that’s 2-3 parts away from your primary color. For example, if you have a green couch, try to pick green as your accent color. This is so that your couch remains the focal point of your space.

5. Pick neutral colors for a base

You don’t have to pick bold and splashy primary colors for your color scheme. Instead, pick neutral colors for your base, as they’re great at being versatile and easy to pair with.

However, you do have to be cautious with these colors. It’s easy to get bored with neutral colors and want to try something more interesting. If you’re tired of the same old neutral space, it’s time to spice things up. Pick a vibrant color in your secondary accent to make your area space more festive.

Pick neutral colors for a base

The Infinity Light Rug is a subtle rug that can add some style to your home. It pairs well with bold pieces and does not have any dominant colors or patterns, making it suitable for accenting other room areas.

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6. Make sure you have a contrasting accent

Your color scheme is only as good as the colors you choose for your secondary accent. Sure, you could go with a bold primary color like red, but it will only feel vibrant for a short time.

Instead, pick a more subtle color like green. A green couch is a lot more enjoyable than a red couch. A green sofa is bold, but it’s not so bold as to be overwhelming. A red couch will likely seem more intense.

You want to pick a color that’s not so intense that it interferes with your dominant color but bold enough to make an impact.

7. Make it festive with a vibrant color

There’s no better pick than a vibrant one when it comes to festive colors. A vibrant color is bold, but it’s not too intense. It’s the best of both worlds and will make your space feel more festive.

One of the best ways to make a room feel festive is to use a bright color as a secondary accent. Pick a bright green armchair as your secondary accent if you have a red couch. The bright green will make it feel like there are more colors in the room, even though there are probably only a few more.

Make it festive with a vibrant color

The Countess II Blue Chesterfield Sofa, for example, is an elegant and sophisticated 3 seater sofa of a rich deep blue color that will be the statement piece in any room.

8. Make sure your color scheme is consistent throughout your home

With so many colors out there, it’s easy to get distracted due to having many options. The problem, however, is that you may choose one color for your house and then go with a completely different one for your kitchen. You want to make sure that you choose the same color for every room throughout your home.


It can be challenging to get the right look for your home during the festive season. The key is to choose the right colors and ensure they’re consistent throughout your space. This way, you’ll have a beautiful warm and inviting space.

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