Behind The Design: The King Louis XVI Collection


Like taking a step into the halls of Versailles, the Nolie & Finn Collection of King Louis XVI chairs are like little capsules of history that exude character and fitness. Come with us on the journey on how we had to idea to bring in our own representation of these timeless pieces.

When did it begin?

A replication, inspired by the design of the last king of France. We wanted to create the Nolie and Finn collection to lets you take a little piece of the French Aristocrats lifestyle back into your own home! Acknowledging the craft that went in during that period, these exquisite pieces are fully hand carved with the finest material that we can procure.  

Much Different from its predecessors, King Louis XVi wanted something different that has his individuality, with a more geometric angular cut, his chairs have straight fluted legs that projects a more neoclassical feel rather than the heavily influenced baroque style that his father preferred.

While knowing that it has a timeless feel, we wanted a slightly modern approach to the chairs with its color and back design while still emulating that luxurious high French lifestyle.

What makes it so unique?

The Frame

All hand carved from prestigious solid French beech wood and with a black antique finish.

Its Intricate design from the top all the way down to its fluted legs shows the quality and hard work that was done to create such a masterpiece.

The seat

Upholstered with fine Italian cowhide leather, its seats are comfy and durable. And accompanied with a traditional copper-gold nail trimming that is hand applied meticulously.

The Backing

Fairy Place and Wandering Voice

Both of these exquisite pieces are fashioned with a jacquard woven fabric imported from Spain. And a stunning work of art is embroidered to create this masterpiece featuring two birds resting on a tree branch.

Black Stripes, Black Knight

A unique fur on leather experience like no other, its natural hind quality makes it so that no one piece is the same! It is more so evident on the Black Stripes Armchair with its artistic stenciling to create that interesting design.


These timeless classics would stand the test of time with its durable structure and material. So come on over to our showroom to view the historic collection.

#04-18, Lift Lobby 3,Apex@Henderson
201 Henderson Road, Singapore 159545

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