Be the Andy Warhol for your home!


We are going back to the 60s baby! Check out these amazing houses that are inspired by the iconic Andy Warhol, with pop art and splashes of color these unique houses stand out from the rest.

What is a Warhol theme?

Before we start you gotta be wondering what is an Andy Warhol theme?

Much like his artwork, it is a collective mixture of different factors, like bold shades and patterns with iconic images of pop culture. But one thing that stands out is taking charge of your own trend and go against the idea of what is called mainstream.

Much like the man himself, the Andy Warhol Theme is creating something eccentric and expressing individuality on your own unique decor style.

Bold and the "Patternful"

Go bold and unleash your creativity! Do not be constraint when choosing colors and patterns. Nothing has to follow a guideline when it comes to designing YOUR home! Mix fun shades together like Pink and cyan and don’t skim on the patterns!

by Ultrarender

Powerful images and focal points

You would probably know the famous soup can art that drew everyone's attention. So why not get some strong focal points with some amazing art piece for your space! It would really bring attention to the living room.


by Cantoni

Color blocking

Color Blocking is an interesting way of pairing colors opposite of each other to create complementary color combinations. It is usually don't in fashion but try taking that core element out to your sofa! Try a Blue sofa with a bright yellow tone gold to create a striking and contrasting look!

Photo: Joshua McHugh


So go on out there and start living a vibrant life!

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