A Handy Guide To Maximising Space For A Small Living Area



Smaller, compact homes are in demand nowadays. With their more affordable price tags and eco-friendliness, what’s not to love? However, despite these perks, there are specific considerations you have to make as well when moving to a smaller house, and most of them revolve around maximising your living space. 

Living in a compact apartment means choosing and arranging suitable furniture in the limited space you have without them cluttering your home. If you are seeking to increase the functionality of your house, read on. Allow us to share three nifty tips to help you make the most out of your tiny area and fall in love with living in a small, cosy home. 

Choose light, neutral-toned furniture 

When choosing the colour palettes for your furniture, light colours and soft neutral shades are the best hues to go for. Lighter tones reflect more natural light and can help to open up and brighten a room. The lighter the shade, the larger and airier your living space feels. In addition, you can feature pastel furnishings to make the area warm and inviting.

If you already own dark furniture, fret not. You can always add light accent décor to achieve a contrasting effect. For example, throw on some white pillows, a rug, or even fluffy blankets. These additions create a harmonious divergence of colours and draw the eyes in with its opposing shades. 

Always pick multi-functional furniture 

Multi-purpose furniture is highly versatile and works well in any part of the house. Their reconfigurable elements give you more freedom to arrange your home décor, and they are a lifesaver for numerous homeowners. 

They can function as two or more different items, such as a sofa bed or an extension table. This helps you to optimise your living space without compromising on practicality. For instance, imagine a coffee table that houses a storage drawer or sofas that can transition into a bed.

On occasions where you find there is insufficient room to seat all of your guests, you can consider placing a rug in your living room so that they feel comfortable when they are sitting on the floor. Additionally, you can place a moveable side table in your living room so you can move it around as needed to help keep your guests’ drinks and snacks within reach.

Use shelves and racks to optimise space 

In a small house, being organised makes a world of difference. Since you do not have much space or storage available, purchasing open shelving units and hanging racks to keep your bric-a-brac off the floor would be ideal. Doing so increases the amount of floor space available and gets rid of clutter. 

It is vital to note that you don’t require shelves to occupy long expanses of horizontal space for them to be useful. A short or narrow shelf can perform the same function while providing greater accessibility.


Small spaces make decorating and designing a home a whole lot easier and cheaper. Instead of splurging on various expensive pieces, you get to take your pick from a few choice items to make your place stand out. Of course, with the amount you save, you can throw in some ornaments and accessories to spruce up your house as well. 

With clever organisation and furniture arrangement, you can utilise your space as much as possible. At Finn Avenue, we offer an extensive selection of luxurious furniture at great prices. You can check out our furniture sale online for coffee tables, sofas, and designer rugs to furnish your living space!

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