5 Quick Steps to Create a White and Gold Luxurious Home


White and gold are like coffee and cream! It just blends perfectly together! Today we are gonna to show you a few quick and easy tips to style your home to create that luxe look that will brighten up your home while looking fresh and elegant!

1.All in the details

Gold can often be a very loud and big statement piece. But if you tone it down a notch and relish in the small details.it will give a subtle yet strong contrast in your home. Get simple lamps with a touch of metal, or white and cream cushions with simple yet striking gold designs to add some details and brighten up your home!

Try these out!


2.Mirrors as Metals!

A home is never without some metal accents. Metal accents from your sofa to your mirrors will give your home a little character without being overboard. Try the Hermes mirror or chest of drawers that has a hand-painted champagne coloured frame! 

HINT: Mirrors help gives the illusion of space as well!


3.Simple and Clean Centerpiece

A sleek and simple centerpiece is enough to draw attention and set the mood of the house. A clean cream sofa creates warmth and depth to any space, making it cozier and laid back, pair it with some comfy cushions and all eyes will be drawn towards that statement piece.


Try these out!


4.Put the Art in Art Deco!

A simple wall art with a metal quality brings brightness and elegance to a white space. It gives an artistic vibe to the house and gives lots of styling points! Try placing it at on the wall right behind your sofa or bed to create a stunning focal point.

5.Comfy Rugs with Bright Accents

A comfy rug is a must! But a comfy rug with a beautiful design is exceptional. Choose rugs that compliment the metal accents all around your room, with a neutral base to go along with the entire theme to make it cohesive.


Try these out!



EXTRA: Keepin it Fresh!

Once all is done, Take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back!  Add some fresh flowers or a nice fresh scent to complete that serene luxurious look.



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