5 Places to hang your mirrors!


Mirrors do not have to be restricted to the bathroom or the bedroom! It is a great piece of furniture to add some light into any space and brighten the room! We are gonna rundown some great places to place your mirror in your home to help elevate your home!

Front door entry

Placing a mirror near the doorway is a perfect idea!

Full-Length mirrors are great for a quick twirl before heading out the door.

Or pair a mirror above a console table to touch up your hair! Placing a table below it is a great place to store your keys and knick-knacks and it creates a more cohesive image! Add some fresh flowers or your favorite scented candle to let yourself or your guest come in greeted with a wave of delight and their beautiful self.


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Dining room

Dining areas are not typically an ideal place to place a mirror as people can get distracted by it. But placing a mirror art like the Yves I Artsy Fretwork Wall Mirror Panel will help brighten the room but not make it too overwhelming. Or try a small mirrored tray at the center of the table and place some candles on top to create that ambient glow.

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Usually, Hallways are dark as it does not have windows and such. But placing a mirror strategically to reflect light into the room will help inject some much-needed brightness!

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Work space 

If you have placed your vanity or study desk facing the wall, try placing a mirror on top to widen the space. It also helps give you some vision of the room, which helps add that sense of security.


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On top of a mantle

Most might not have a mantle, but for those who do! A mirror place on the top is a perfect place to widen the room! As mantles are usually very tall, placing a mirror on the top will give the illusion of space as well as reflect your social gatherings. And depending on your decor or if the mantle is on top of a fireplace. I will also add some significant warmth the home.


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These are such great tips (and excuses!) to go mirror shopping and start picking the right mirror for your home! 

Head on over to our showroom or website to view some beautiful mirrors and furniture!

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