Greek Inspired! Influencing Styles Throughout The Centuries


Greece has given us an abundance of gifts that are still renowned in the modern world, from theater to the mathematical crux of geometry. Its ancient civilization was such forwards thinkers that they developed ideas and philosophies that are being used till this day, such as the idea and model of the lighthouse or the societal idea of democracy itself!

So lets us take a look at some of the coolest things you've got to know about the Greeks and how they have influenced us here at Finn Avenue!


Let's kick it off with a bang! Greek architecture and designs were the epitomai of what is known as “the classics”. Its influence on later style is clearly seen such as the columns linear patterns on neoclassical furniture like the King Louis XVI chair fluted legs and geometric silhouette. Or the use of the Acanthus Leaf pattern as a decorative motif that is used across the world in heavy Rococo/Baroque designs as well.



Greek Key Motif

Something that is always recognized as Greek are their geometric motifs. It is on their buildings, interiors and even artwork such as pottery!


Also called a meander which refers to the linear patterns that resemble the Menderes river that signifies infinity. Though plenty of other civilizations has been influenced one way or another to create similar pattern styles but it is the Greeks that use it abundantly. So much so that it influenced Europe to adapt it to their own interior and architectural style. Even modern-day interior style like Hollywood Regency has incorporated this distinct pattern in their designs.



Many of you would have probably heard of the mighty heroes and the greek gods of Mount Olympus. Its iconic names are still being used today like the sportswear brand Nike which is the name of the goddess of Victory. These Greek names invoke such strong wonderment and familiarity that even some our decor were name after them! The Zeus and Leto collection showcase beautiful marble designs that is a frequent material use in Greece. 


We guess you can say with each style, it evolves and just gets better over time! So inject some beautiful Grecian details and design into your home and create your very own home of the gods! 

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(Can you spot our products with Greek names?)

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