4 Great Tips To Spice Up And Decorate Your Bedside Table


The bedroom is undeniably the haven that everyone turns to at the end of each long and productive day. Thus, in order to heighten its relaxing capabilities, the room should not only provide utmost comfort but also be relatively clutter-free. Apart from those two necessities, one mustn’t forget that the bedroom is their own private space. As such, decorating it to reflect your inner self is something that mustn’t be forgone. 

While it’s plain to see which areas require your artistic touch, there is one piece of furniture that often fails to catch the eye: your bedside table. Although these pieces have a lot of untapped styling potential, care must be exercised so as to not lose their functional properties in the process. Let’s explore how you can both decorate and make optimal use of this furniture.

1. Maintain a minimalist outlook 

Since bedrooms come in varying shapes and sizes, not everyone’s going to have the same luxury of space. But even if you just have a small side table, there’s still much you can do to spruce it up with your decor. 

For instance, you could place a simple table cover on top to brighten up the piece. The cover you choose could either be adorned with some fascinating patterns or, if you’re a minimalist, a subdued pastel colour that matches the room’s accent. Add in some final touches, such as a single flower on a vase, but remember to leave enough space for your practical use.

2. Retain balance

If you have two bedside tables on each side of your bed, take care not to put everything atop only on one side. Balance must be struck in both the design and functionality of both to achieve a visual harmony pleasing to the eye. As a tip, try to work in groups of three when placing items atop the table. Start with the tallest piece that you’d like to place, such as a lamp, and work your way down to the smallest, like an alarm clock or charging dock for your phone.

3. Add some artwork  

Whether you’re an art connoisseur or just a casual fan, there’s always an option to place your favourite works wherever you are in your home, even on the bedside table. If you prefer a more modern and sleek touch, place a smart display on top of the able and have your preferred works be displayed on loop. But if you have the actual art pieces, you can hang them above your bedside table like a mini gallery wall.

4. Ensure optimal lighting 

For book lovers out there, a well-lit and reliable bedside lamp is indispensable for those late-night reading sessions. No matter which design you opt for, either something fancy like a brass-topped lamp or just a simple plastic one, don’t forget to consider its size and make sure to get one in a hue that either matches or complements the rest of the room’s theme.


There are quite a number of things you can do to set up your bedroom differently and organise your bedside table. By trying any of the mentioned tips here together with a bit of experimentation, you’ll eventually find the arrangement that suits you best!

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