3 Furniture Arrangement Ideas For Your Small Living Room


Designing a small room and working with limited space can be rather challenging for some. If you're struggling to come up with a good design for your living room, you can consider some basic interior design tricks, such as the Golden Ratio.

But it is also useful for you to get acquainted with some standard layouts used to decorate the room. That way, you will have the necessary knowledge to create your own custom arrangement and suit your needs.

If you're living in a small HDB or condo apartment, then you will know that sofa sets take up most of your living room. Given the need for space in such rooms, it's only sensible to go for 2-seater sofas to maximise the available area without much compromise. In this article, we go over some layouts for small living areas to help you get started with.

1. The conversational style 

In the conversational layout, the furniture is arranged in a U-shaped setup. This includes the sofa, armchairs, and table centerpiece. By doing so, this creates a cosy and sociable design of your living space and encourages a conducive atmosphere for conversations. This layout is ideal for symmetrical rooms, such as those with a central window or a large artwork piece that acts as the focal point in the space.

2. Casual conversational layout with mixed seating 

This layout is organised in such a way that your 2-seater sofa is positioned opposite two armchairs sitting side by side. Typically, the sofa and armchairs act as points and are arranged to resemble that of a triangle. 

If desired, adding a coffee table in between is perfectly fine too. Since the sofa and the chairs are facing each other, this layout creates a sense of intimacy and helps stimulate conversations. But since it's not symmetrical, it's less formal compared to the previous design. With this arrangement, the corners of the room are usually free. As such, you can add a few things to fill them in, such as desks, tables or a reading nook. 

3. The entertainment-focused layout 

If you regularly host movie nights in your house, then this layout is absolutely perfect for you! In this design, the TV becomes the space’s focal point. A larger sectional corner sofa with 2-seater or 3-seater options on both sides will provide enough seating space while allowing a clear view of the TV. In the event that there's not enough space to seat all guests, place a rug in the middle so that they can be comfortable even when sitting on the floor. Place a side table or coffee table to help keep your drinks and snacks within reach. 

With this layout, you can add a few armchairs to fill in the remaining available space so that you can always move them around when you have more guests. If ever there's a lack of storage space in this arrangement, you can have open shelves installed on the walls to store books and other belongings.


When it comes to smaller homes, 2-seater sofas are ideal for the living areas. With the right furniture arrangement and clever organisation, they can help you utilise your space appropriately without sacrificing any comfort and enhance the look of your room. Check out our furniture sale online at Finn Avenue for sofas and sectionals, coffee tables and designer rugs to furnish your space! Pick out the right furniture for the ideal layout that works for your home and elevate its aesthetic level!

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