3 Must-Know Dining Area Layouts And Ways To Maximise Them


Whether it’s your first home or you’ve recently moved houses, decorating and furnishing the space is often an exciting yet daunting task. Each individual home may not look exactly the same, so it can prove to be challenging to decide on a layout for your home that’s best for your needs.

The dining area is a crucial part of the home that gives family members the chance to bond. As people gather around for their meals, they get to connect with one another and share experiences together amid their busy days. As such, it’s essential for you to plan for the best layout that can provide a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for people to come together. To help aid you out, we’ll go over three dining area layouts that fit most of the living spaces at home. 

1. The formal dining room 

The formal dining room layout is best suited for homes that can spare a room solely for the purpose of dining. In this traditional setup, most of the furniture is placed at the centre with a light source overhead, such as a chandelier. Typically, the table used in this setup is long and rectangular with sharp and boxy edges as its distinctive properties. When it comes to seating, it should ideally have a maximum of 12 seats to accommodate large groups of guests. 

To maximise the dining area and get more use out of the room, you can opt to add other furniture to fill in the empty space near the walls, such as cabinets and bookshelves. The latter suggestion is great when you want the dining room to double up and serve other purposes, such as a quiet reading area or space for the kids to do their homework.

2. The pass-through dining room

If your home has a pass-through, known as an opening the in the wall to hand dishes in and out of the kitchen, then this layout is the best for you. Generally, this arrangement can seat up to 8 people – but if this isn’t adequate, you install a few stools by the hatch to seat more guests which doubles up as a breakfast bar too.

When it comes to choosing a dining table, it will depend entirely on your space. For round tables, select chair that have slimmer profiles so that they don’t touch each other when they’re tucked in. Decorate the space with a cabinet on the side or include a large mirror to create the illusion of bigger space.

3. The dual-purpose dining room

For HDB flats or condos that don’t have the luxury of space, the dual-purpose dining room is the most optimal layout to make the most out of what’s available. In this arrangement, the dining area is usually placed in the same room as the living area. Rugs can be used to indicate a clear separate between the two areas while providing colour to the space.

In this layout, six people are typically able to be seated around the table. Since the goal is to fully maximise the space, it’s best to opt for dining furniture that can serve another purpose. For instance, you can choose a table that is also suitable for getting some work done. Pair it with several comfortable and lightweight chairs so that they can also be used to seat more guests in the living area of the room.


It’s not uncommon for homeowners to realise that they might not have much space available in their homes to work with. As such, it’s it is crucial to know how you can maximise every nook and cranny of your household, especially the dining area so that you can get the most out of your living arrangement. 


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