3 Interior Design Flaws To Fix Right Now In Your Home



3 Interior Design Flaws To Fix Right Now In Your Home

It is common for us to associate our home with the word 'comfort'. After all, our humble abode serves as a permanent retreat that we can return to after a long, grueling day at work.

However, in the pursuit of comfort, the aesthetics of your home can sometimes be overlooked or outright neglected, leading to dwellings that, although cozy, may not be agreeable to the eyes. 

While comfort should be one of your priorities, it does not mean you should completely neglect the basics of interior design. After all, when you invite guests over to your home for a get-together, you would want to leave them with a good impression of your house. So if you are looking to give your interiors a new facelift, let us share three design flaws you need to address that you might have overlooked initially.

Design flaw #1: Neglecting your lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in how a living space looks and feels to the occupants within. Depending on the lighting arrangement, a room's atmosphere can either be homely and inviting or relaxed and subdued. 

However, it is common to find homeowners not giving a second thought to the lighting of their house, opting to feature only the bare minimum by installing basic lighting. This results in a home that is either too dimly lit or has harsh lighting.

The key to a well-thought-out lighting plan is to ensure the room has sufficient lighting to enable you to carry out a task that is typically performed in that space – for example, reading a book in your bedroom. Furthermore, the room should be sufficiently lit so that you can move around safely.

To achieve your ideal lighting plan, you can consider incorporating various lighting at different levels and intensities. Keep in mind that you don't have to rely on just a room's overhead lights. You can feature a combination of wall lights, table lamps, and overhead lights to achieve even lighting throughout the room.

Design flaw #2: Pushing furniture up against the walls

Given the space constraints of modern HDB apartments, it is not uncommon to find several homeowners opting to push their pieces of furniture, such as a 3-seater sofa, against the very walls of the room to facilitate more walking space.

However, this arrangement is highly inadvisable, as it creates significant awkward, dead space in the middle of the room. Furthermore, this arrangement is not ideal for conversations, as the furniture is too far apart from one another. Unless the space is intended for quiet contemplation, the furniture should be ideally placed to facilitate conversations.

If you are looking to achieve the right spacing for your living room, you can consider arranging your sofa to face the focal point of your living room – for most households, the focal point will likely be the television – and ensure there is sufficient room behind it for foot traffic to flow freely.

If you have to factor in additional seating, take note that the distance between the chairs should not exceed 12-feet. Additionally, you need to ensure a margin of at least 2.5 feet between each piece of furniture, so you and your guest can easily navigate between the furniture. As for the optimal position for your coffee table, you would want it to be between 14 to 18 inches from your sofa so that the drinks are easily within reach.

Design flaw #3: Failing to establish a focal point 

Any well-designed room requires a focal point to anchor the space. However, many homeowners often struggle to identify a suitable object to serve as the anchor. As a rule of thumb, the focal point should be visually prominent – something that catches the eye and draws attention to it. Even a large window in the room can serve as a focal point. 

However, if the room lacks an architectural focal point, you can consider using a piece of furniture as a substitute. Depending on the room, the anchor can be a bed, a couch, or even a dining table. For those who are artistically inclined, you can even consider purchasing a large piece of artwork to serve as the room's focal point while allowing you to express your individual style.


While it is essential to ensure your home is comfortable and inviting to you and your guests, you should also not neglect to pay attention to how your living space looks. A poor interior design sticks out like a sore thumb, and your guests are bound to notice once they step foot into your humble abode. So if you want to leave a positive impression, we advise revising your interior design plans to avoid the flaws pointed out in this article.  

In addition to the interior design of your living space, choosing the right furniture to decorate your home is essential. So if you are a new homeowner looking to spruce up your new house, check out the list of must-have furniture you should have in your new home. For those seeking premium furniture that provides both elegance and comfort, you can browse our extensive catalogue online or head down to our showroom to experience them first-hand! With the vast array of furniture available at Finn Avenue, you are sure to find one that suits your every need.

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