3 Crucial Things to Do Before Picking Out a New Sofa

3 Crucial Things to Do Before Picking Out a New Sofa
In an everyday living room space, one piece of furniture is almost always the center of attention: the sofa. Understandably, no living room would ever be complete without it, given that it is now a staple in virtually every household. From offering plenty of space for some personal lounging or sufficient seating for guests, sofas provide everything you'd need from it: comfort, beauty, and functionality.
Thus, it is no understatement that purchasing one is a big commitment. Whatever you choose to go with will stay in your home for quite some time, and it may be a costly investment to boot. As such, it is crucial to make sure that you know the kind of sofa you need by doing the following three things first.

Measure your space

The importance of measuring your space can never be understated when picking out furniture as big as a 2 or 3 seater sofa in Singapore. Therefore, find out the length and width of the sofa's designated area before you start shopping around. Visual estimation does not count as measuring either, as your judgment may be incorrect given that sofas tend to look smaller when placed in a broad and spacious gallery of a furniture shop. 

Besides measuring your overall space and the sofa area, don't forget to consider other furnishings in the living room and take note of their scale and even the size of the entryway. Doing so ensures you don't buy something that is either too big or too small for your particular living room, both of which can ruin the entire room's design aesthetic. And in the worst case, it may not even fit into the door in the first place.

Look at your existing design

Once you've got your measurements down, the next step is to choose the right design. Believe us; there is nothing worse than picking out a sofa that clashes with the other furniture in the room. With sofas being one of the bigger furnishings in the household, this mistake leads to a constant eyesore that immediately catches the attention of anyone that steps into the living room. Hence, while measuring things in the previous step, take care to also pay attention to the rest of your living room's design and theme and determine the role that you want your new sofa to play in it.

Gauge the quality of the sofa

Not all sofas are made equal, and some are of much higher quality than others in looks and durability. Although budgeting is crucial for most people, investing in a good-quality sofa that lasts for years is far more cost-effective than settling for a cheaper one that may fall apart in only a couple or less. Moreover, low-quality sofas tend to lose their looks, shape, and comfort quickly, and this also reflects in their internal frame, which can break down without warning.

With all that said, how can you accurately determine if a sofa is good or not? You can do a few things to tell the quality of a sofa when shopping online or in stores, starting with rocking it back and forth. Move the sofa's frame from side to side and then forwards and backward. If it remains sturdy without any hint of wobbling or twisting, that's one of the first signs that it's well-constructed and its joints are held firmly together. The next step is to check its weight. Good-quality sofas are generally much heavier, and you can test this out by lifting one corner to around 15 cm. If the other leg no longer touches the floor at that point, then it's safe to assume it has a robust frame. 

Last but not least, simply feel out its comfiness by sitting or lying on it the way you would do every day. Comfort is one the most crucial determining factors that guide you to the sofa you want, so make sure to choose the one that can provide you with the lounging satisfaction you want.


Since sofas are one of the essential furniture pieces in the home, it only makes sense to ensure you're making the right decision before committing to a purchase. 

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