Minimalistic Living: 4 Easy Rules To Help You Live Simpler


If you are fond of browsing through home décor magazines, then you are certainly no stranger to the concept of minimalism. This design concept is all the rage nowadays in Singapore. However, for the uninitiated, this notion is about simplicity, utility, and elegance.

A minimalist’s philosophy is all about getting rid of clutter that does not value-add to their life and incorporating décor that is clean, sleek and modern. That means using the bare essentials to create a modest, clutter-free space. 

There are various advantages that come with adopting a minimalist approach to design your house – spaciousness, calmness, and most of all, mindfulness. Given our hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, having a tranquil sanctuary to return home to can be immensely satisfying.

If you look to revamp or build a space that invigorates your soul and enhances your well-being the moment you walk through your front doors, then going minimalistic is a splendid idea. Let us share some of the necessities that you require in your living quarters to help you achieve a sense of minimalism. 

1. Create a soft, neutral base 

Choose a colour palette that provides a sense of serenity and calmness, such as white, beige, or grey. These neutral hues are intrinsic to minimalist homes, creating a vibe of simplicity and allowing your furniture to shine.

If you are not a fan of the colour white or you prefer a subtle hint of colour, then you may want to consider a light blueish-grey tone or even soft pastel blues. Blue is an excellent colour choice to lend personality to a neutral space and add a touch of flair. However, it has cool undertones, so avoid pairing it with warm furniture.

2. Invest in stylish, multi-functional furniture 

Functionality is one of the hallmarks of minimalism. Living with less does not mean you have to sacrifice your comfort or strip the house down to its bones. Nor does your living have to be devoid of character and life. All you have to do is simplify your room, get rid of the extra clutter, and keep the items that matter. 

A good rule of thumb is to invest in a few stylish, multi-purpose pieces of furniture. Whether it is a patterned sofa bed, a glossy coffee table with storage spaces, or vintage side tables with drawers, these items ramps up the style factor and practicality of an otherwise plain-looking home.

3. Include accent decorations

Make use of decorative elements to jazz up your home! These accessories bring charm and character to your living space and make for a striking display. Take your pick from breathtaking artworks, designer rugs, or even vases and urns – the list is endless. 

Avoid overwhelming your home by including bits and bobs everywhere. The focal piece is the crucial element, so you should focus on selecting a suitable object instead of diverting your attention to the various miscellaneous items. Having a simple décor also makes maintaining your home more manageable.

4. Ask yourself the hard questions

Going minimalistic forces you to let go of your sentiments and focus on practicality. When you find yourself torn between deciding if an item should stay or go, remember to ask yourself the following questions: 

1. Is this adding value to my life? 
2. Does it bring me joy or love? 
3. Is it useful?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, by all means, keep it. However, should you no longer be able to justify keeping the item, you should consider getting rid of it.


Transitioning to a minimalistic home is a considerable change. The initial change can seem intimidating, and it takes time to adjust to your new lifestyle. However, you will soon adapt to living in a minimalistic environment.

At Finn Avenue, we offer a wide array of comfortable, functional furnishings and décor that will make your living space much more balanced and practical. So as you embark on your quest to Marie Kondo your life and achieve minimalism, our ideal furniture will help everything fall into place.

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