5 Ways to Make Your Living Room Classy Yet Child-Friendly


Designing a classy home can be a challenge in normal circumstances, given the various elements to consider when planning your new house. If you have children, you will have to factor their needs into the equation as well. You would want a safe and welcoming home for your kids, but at the same time, you also do not want to live in a silly playhouse. The challenge of designing a beautiful yet child-friendly space is especially tricky for high-traffic rooms like the living room, where everyone spends a significant amount of time every day.

However, you do not have to sacrifice a stylish design to achieve a welcoming living room for your kids. It is possible to have a classy yet child-friendly living space; you just have to know how to strike a balance between style and function. If you have no idea how to do this, let us help you. Allow us to share five practical tips to keep your living room stunning and safe for kids.

1. Choose round tables

Eliminating any furniture with sharp corners should be one of your main priorities when designing a child-friendly living room. Sharp corners can be dangerous when kids are around, as an accidental bump or fall may lead to a scratch or serious injury. So when you are deciding on the ideal coffee table to decorate your living room, you should consider going for a table with round edges.

Our Louis Black Marble Gold Coffee Table, Round Pedestal Base, may be the ideal solution for your needs. With its durable gold stainless steel base, you need not worry about the table toppling over. Moreover, it features faux black marble of sublime veining, showcasing natural variations that make each piece a unique work of art. This elegant piece complements a wide array of designs and is the ideal spot to serve beverages for the whole family.

2. Place some soft rugs

When buying furniture and décors for a child-friendly living room, soft rugs are something that you should not overlook. Toddlers love crawling and playing on the floor. These activities are also essential in developing their motor skills. As such, it is advisable to place a soft rug in the living room, where your kids can sit and play on. The soft rug can serve as a cushion, providing comfort to your children as they explore their surrounding space.

If you are on the hunt for a soft rug that feels comfortable to the touch, then our Nova Modern Art Rug, Round, may be your ideal rug. This versatile piece perfectly complements an understated neutral-toned living room. Its cozy fur-like pile is inviting to the touch, and its neutral color palette brings a calming and artistic feel to your home.

3. Buy comfortable chairs and sofas

Chairs and sofas with hard or rough surfaces are an acquired taste. After all, most people tend to gravitate towards sofas that can provide them comfort, and children are no exception. Kids love to sit and lie down on chairs and sofas that have a soft and smooth feel. Therefore, you should always have comfort in mind when shopping for furniture to decorate your living room.

4. Pick furniture with durable fabrics

Kids are naturally active, so you will likely experience a few accidents at home. Sometimes when children get overly excited, they might accidentally damage a few pieces of furniture during their horseplay. The sofa’s fabric, in particular, might be scratched during such instances. Therefore, you should consider picking furniture with durable upholstery fabrics. When shopping for upholstered pieces of furniture, like chairs and sofas, look for fabrics with tight weaves and high rub counts, as they are sure signs of durability.

A piece of furniture you can consider is our Furst Leather Chesterfield Sofa, 3-Seater, Grey, which is made of top-grain Novillo calf leather from France. This leather is renowned for its softness, fine grain, and durability. Not only does it have a smooth surface, but it is also abrasion-resistant. In addition, the seat cushion is lined with individual pocketed springs for contoured support, providing the whole family with optimum comfort. 

5. Keep the bookshelves to the wall

Children are naturally inquisitive, and they often have a desire to reach out for an item that catches their eye. When an object is placed out of their reach, they tend to climb on any furniture they can lay their hands on to reach the item. This is potentially hazardous as a bookshelf or media unit might fall on them, leading to a serious injury. Therefore, you need to secure your bookshelves and other large pieces of furniture to the wall to ensure the safety of your children. While this does not eliminate the risk of an accident occurring, it does significantly minimize the possibility.


It is not easy to design a new home when you have multiple factors to consider, including your family's safety. However, just because you have kids does not mean you can't opt for a stylish living space – style and safety are not mutually exclusive. Once you are able to strike a balance and choose the right furniture, you can achieve an elegant yet child-friendly living room.

If you are on the hunt for classy yet child-friendly pieces of furniture to decorate your living room, Finn Adventure is available to help you. We are a one-stop shop that offers a diverse range of furniture and accessories, from plush velvet sofas and mirrored console tables to soft cushions and designer rugs. Browse through our online store now to learn more about our offerings!

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