7 key elements to get that Parisian home


Paris apartments are always an envy to many, with its effortless look that is timeless yet chic. It is on every Pinterest and inspirational boards for its unique and sophisticated style that is so appealing to many people. So here are 7 key elements to help you achieve that aesthetic. 

 1. Serene Colors

Usually, apartments tend to be a little dark especially if you do not live on the top floor. That is why many choose to opt for neutral colors to give your space much needed light. It makes the place looks brighter and calming. Usually, a splash of color here and there is all that is needed, like a navy blue throw over for your sofa or a colored accent chair to give more depth.

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France is filled with so much history, from its royals to the arts, to even furniture. Mixing the old and new is such a great way to pay homage to the beautiful style of the past and giving your home a more sophisticated look. Like an antique mirror or a chair, let time age it slowly to give that old world charm.

3. Velvet

Velvet's is an easy fabric option to turn any space into a luxurious setting. Its traits exude the Parisian lifestyle of effortless luxe. Soft to the touch and inviting, it is a great fabric choice to create some depth into a home. Try it on some statement pieces like a velvet sofa would create a centerpiece to your home, or an accent chair to give some color to the room.

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Adding a sense of magic to the room. Crystals are a great way to give some sophistication to your home. Adding some tall candle holders or a chandelier is the perfect way to snazz up the place.


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5. A touch of Baroque

Now that we mention the importance of having antiques back at NO.2, it would be even better if the antiques have some baroque influence in them. What is baroque you ask? It is a style that started in the Italian renaissance that was adopted by the French and reinterpreted into their own taste. It is a beautiful style with heavy ornate work and designs that would give your home a taste of French royalty. Try it out with small decors like trays and lamps to start!


6. Gold Metallic 

Gold is such a luxurious metal that is one of the key pillars of a Parisian home, it adds some color and a metallic quality to the place. Get pieces of furniture with gold accents like at the leg or detailing of the sofa, or an accent table lamp with some gold trimming to give that pop of contrast. With french white walls, the aristocrat metal really makes a striking difference when decorating your home.

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7. Decorative Blooms

Now that you have figured out an idea on what furniture and decor to put. Complete it with some decorative blooms! Nothing says a French home more than some beautiful blooms to add that bit of nature to your home. The smell of fresh flowers are such an indulgence, but if you are not quite the green thumb, opt for some decorative blooms with a spritz of perfume to let the small linger on. The best part about fake flowers is that it will last forever so you can switch your white hydrangeas for a pop of color like peonies for a change in the atmosphere.

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So now that you go the key elements down! Go on out there and start
planning your dream home.
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