Updated 28 December 2020

On the blog today, we have got 4 ways to style the charming Modern Parisian Mirrored Console Table for 4 different spaces, serving different functions. Read on!

Mirrored Console Table as a Writing Desk

First on the list is a charming work desk look. Set in the classic dark wood and leather finished the study, this mirrored furniture makes the perfect work desk while adding a sophisticated shine. 

Get the look with these:



If diamonds are a girl's best friend, the Modern Parisian Mirrored Table, sharing similarities in look to an emerald cut diamond, is definitely deserving of the spot to be your dressing table. Wouldn't you agree?

Get the look with these: 



For a fresh and effortless get up at your foyer, start with keeping small clutter, like keys, in trinket boxes or trays. Keep things minimal and stylish so, select home and decor that makes a strong statement with its simple form and shape. Leave the task of layering textures and colors to the hands of Mother Nature with interior plants and fresh blooms. 

Get the look with these: 


Need a kickstart guide? See our list of 6 CONSOLE STYLING ESSENTIALS and get started! 


Exude elegance with a touch of Chinoiserie Chic display or layer onto a contemporary eclectic interior. Alternatively, this look is great for a luxuriously styled console behind your island sofa or a charming credenza at the dining room to store candles and cutleries. Display for your collection of drinks and drinkware in a tray and you are all ready to entertain your house parties in style! 

Get the look with these: 



Love our pieces and clueless about how to style your place? Our team of designers have created a collection of stylish and elegant looks that you can dress your interior and buy mirrored furniture in Singapore effortlessly. Definitely, the best and closest you can get to decorating your space in a snap of fingers.

We are listed by "Best in Singapore" as having one of the best six consoles in Singapore recently in 2020. 

Take a closer look HERE now!

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