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3 Expert Decoration Tips to Make the Most of Accent Chairs

Accent chairs excel at achieving a wide range of interior design goals that any given homeowner may have, adding some much-needed vibrancy in a monotonous room, introducing contrasting elements, drawing out focal points, or perhaps just complementing existing decorations. Whatever you have in mind, these side furnishings are sure to do wonders for any given space, provided you have a dash of creativity to get the most out of them. However, the unlimited options for fabric, size, colour, and style available may also leave you overwhelmed. Since the last thing anyone wants is an accent piece that sticks out like a sore thumb, we have collated a few tips to help you find and decorate with the right accent chairs for your needs.
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Decorating 101: 6 Genius Ways to Spruce Up Your Sideboard

A sideboard is a versatile piece of furnishing. It can be used in the dining area as a buffet table and the living room as a display cabinet. In fact, it can be used in any room without compromising on design.
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4 Types Of Decorative Items You Must Put On Your Side Table

Side tables or coffee tables are essential pieces of living room furniture that you should not overlook. Aside from the sofa, they are one of the first furniture pieces people notice in your living room. They are also one of the first items that homeowners look to purchase when setting up their house for the first time.
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Why And How Rugs Should Have A Place In Your Abode

Rugs do not just function as an accessory to beautify your floors and abode; it also positively impacts the indoor air quality of your home. It cosies up any room, giving warmth and comfort to household members or guests who walk, sit, or lie on them. What is more, placing rugs on top of your carpet also protects it from spills, dirt, and traffic, improving your carpet's longevity.
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5 Ways To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Calming Sanctuary

The bedroom is often the part of the house that witnesses the most sacred downtime spaces or moments, yet they’re often overlooked and not conducive to relaxation or a good night’s sleep. If you want to get away from the occasional hustle and bustle of the rest of the house, it’s a good idea to prioritise your bedroom as your go-to place to escape and make sure that it sets a calming mood once you enter. It!

Your bedroom can be more than just the area where you sleep after a tiring day - it can be your calming sanctuary or inner sanctum. This is the place where you can take a break from the outside world or unwind while relaxing on your two-seater sofa. If you want to give your bedroom a makeover and transform it into a serene and calming place, read on these five ways that you can try to change your bedroom into your sanctuary!

1. Simplicity is beauty

Too much stuff can be bothering, so make sure to style your bedroom with the only needed essentials to make it look and feel more relaxing. Instead of letting your eyes wander around new chairs, extra piles of books, or unnecessary stuff, your eyes and mind can focus on the primary purpose of the bedroom: sleep and rejuvenate.

2. Choose a calming colour 

There’s no denying that paint colour can instantly transform the mood in a bedroom - not to mention that it is one of the least-cost plans you can undertake that provides the biggest payoff. To ensure your bedroom is a calming place, you need to do some soul searching about the colours that you find most relaxing. Some people opt for white and off-white for purity and cleanliness.

3. Make sure to have the right nightstand

People who prefer to turn off the leading lights when sleeping automatically opt for nightstands. After purchasing your chosen nightstand, make sure it is placed a few inches higher than the mattress. The reason for this is that with its correct height, the chance that you’ll knock stuff over with your pillow is less since the nightstand is not the same level or size as the other things on your side table.

4. Put on some decorations

After choosing the wall colour, it’s time to add some decorations so your room won’t be too dull or plain for your eyes. Adding a few potted plants into your bedroom decor is a breeze, and plants help purify the air and boost your mood. Another decoration that would be a perfect addition to your room would be paintings depending on your preferred art or style.


Everyone needs a safe space and a relaxing sanctuary after a stressful and tiring day or week. With all the different parts of the house, your bedroom is the perfect go-to place to take a break from the outside happenings. As you start redecorating your room, don’t forget to brush up on some furniture sales to find things that can be a great addition to make your room the perfect space.

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