Greek Symmetry Handcarved Wall Mirror

Decorative wall mirror with geometric patterns
Product Description

Greek Symmetry Hand-carved Wall Mirror

'Greek Symmetry Hand-carved Mirror' is a beautiful piece of decorative mirror that 'wows' anyone who lays eyes on it. Intricate sides showcases its feminine side. Perfect as a dresser mirror or decorative wall mirror.

  • Fully hand-carved
  • Moisture resistant silver mirrored glass
  • Hand-painted in antique matte silver finish
  • Hangs horizontally or vertically
  • 120cm(L) x 78cm(H)

Manufactured under Quality Management System registered with NQA, an accredited body under UK Accreditation Service.

Our price $599 . RRP $1,198 . Less 50% off


$599.00 SGD $1,198.00 SGD

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