Eclipse Art Deco Curved Sofa, Gold Base

Product Description

Eclipse Art Deco Curved Sofa, Gold Base

Taking on inspirations by the exemplary sofa design of Vladimir Kagan, this beautifully crafted curved sofa plays up a new version of our Infiniti Collection series.

Smooth sexy lines with an unparalleled vintage design, this curved sofa gathers people together in a mystic eclipse curve.

Sweeping lines on its soft tactile velvet showcase a striking and sensuous shape. Our Easy Clean fabric feature flawlessly compliment the luxurious decadent velvet in ivory cream velvet.

Perched on a curved gold plinth, this sofa adds a glamorous decadence to your living room, or an impressive bedroom sofa à deux! A real boudoir piece, this modern art deco sofa is bound to be a talking point.

Complement with Infiniti Curved Swivel Armchair for an all artsy impressive home design.



  • Our Easy clean fabric makes cleaning up so easy

  • Curved sexy lines an unparalleled vintage design

  • Curved gold plinth sofa base

  • Mid Century Modern Art Deco Design 

Product Details

  • Upholstery Material: Lush Velvet in Ivory Cream

  • Leg Material: Stainless steel

  • Design: Curved lines

  • Filled with a high density medium soft foam core

  • Size: Approx L208cm x D102cm x H76cm



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How often should I change my sofa?

The life of a sofa depends very much on usage.  Some use it for a decade and can’t wait for it to start sagging so that it can be replaced; however, others may find it is time to change a sofa after only a few years or less. If you notice the sofa seats are sagging and no longer providing adequate support, the frame is breaking down or squeaking, or the fabric has become stained and worn, then it is time for you to purchase a new sofa.

How can I make my sofa last longer?

If you are concerned about your sofa’s condition and want to maintain its quality, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t throw your weight onto it.
  2. Clean any spills immediately.
  3. Avoid eating or drinking on the sofa.
  4. Keep leather sofa away from heat.
  5. Vacuum the sofa regularly using the appropriate attachment tool 
Why shouldn’t I sleep on my sofa?

Sleeping regularly on the sofa can result in wear and tear. Depending on the height and weight of the sleeper and their sleeping position, certain parts of the couch could be affected more than the others. If you are sleeping on a fabric-covered sofa, you may be required to clean it more often, which can lead to a reduced lifespan for the furniture.

$2,490.00 SGD

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